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Iraq in the American political perspective

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1Iraq in the American political perspective Empty Iraq in the American political perspective Sun Aug 15, 2021 10:40 pm



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Iraq in the American political perspective

- Two days ago   [8/14/21]  

The importance of Iraq as a country with an important strategic location overlooking the gateway to the Arabian Gulf and constitutes one of the main ways of global trade and contributes to expanding the framework of economic relations between all countries of the world, being one of the energy-exporting countries and possessing the second oil reserves in the world and has common borders with two regional countries (Turkey and Iran),

From here comes the direct interest in the political and economic developments surrounding Iraq through many research and strategic centers in the world. These important sites seek to work towards a clear field understanding of the nature of the international and regional influences surrounding Iraq.

The American (Brookings Center) for Public Policy, in its vision, which was disclosed through a field study launched on August 1, 2021, made it clear that the United States of America should carefully study the developments of the Iraqi political scene and consider Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the current Iraqi prime minister, as one of the compromises, and his presence in the state of Again, providing support and assistance to him,

and it will be a golden opportunity for the American administration to not leave it and the need to benefit from it through the field presence provided by Al-Kazemi and his quest to return Iraq to its Arab, regional and international influence,

but there are many difficulties and problems that stand in the way between the political trends and future prospects that Al-Kazemi seeks Including the influences carried out by the arms of the armed factions linked to the Iranian regime’s apparatus and contribute to obstructing the stages of progress and change through many offensive operations directed at US military interests and sites inside Iraqi territory and an attempt to disturb the situationSecurity and stability surrounding Iraq.

The Brookings Institution believes that the US administration is required to expand the circle of sanctions against individuals and forces allied with Iran and to start a campaign to stop funding and support for Iraqi institutions controlled by Iraqis working for the Iranian regime, and that armed factions are responsible for killing (600) Iraqis and wounding thousands of demonstrators in the popular protests that It was launched in October 2019 and was accompanied by the assassination and kidnapping of dozens of political activists, media and civil society workers, so that Iraq was transformed into a “republic of fear.”

Through these field developments came the US sanctions imposed on August 9, 2021 on the wings of Hezbollah and Asa’ib al-Haq factions in Iraq.

This vision seeks to understand the prospects of the political process and the developments resulting from it by adopting a clear and explicit opinion of the administration of President (Jobaiden) in dealing with the Iraqi armed factions backed by Iran in a manner similar to the means and tools used in dealing with terrorist gangs of ISIS because of the effects and results of the actions that accompany the movement and activity of these factions,

And the strategic vision of the Brookings Institution confirmed the speech of the American ambassador to Iraq (Matthew Tueller) on August 3, 2021 that the Iranian regime is responsible for providing all aspects of support in all its ranges to the armed factions, and that the attacks carried out on the headquarters of the American embassy and some military sites and bases inside Iraqi territory and the attack on the wheels And the civilian carriers that are used for the logistical field effort in transporting equipment and goods belonging to the American forces and members of the international coalition forces,

they are implemented, according to the opinion of the American ambassador, by foreign political agendas, and Washington reserves the right to respond and self-defense when necessary, and it looks forward to government action in deterring these groups and stopping those The attacks, then Ambassador Tueller reiterated that the armed factions are responsible for the murders and repression against Iraqi activists who express their vision of a successful future for their country.

The Washington Post newspaper reported a field opinion of the US Department of Defense that (Iraq is a vital area for future US interests, and any hasty withdrawal would be a disaster for US relations with its Iraqi and regional allies).

This is the field vision that political and media headlines and decision-makers in the US administration see of the importance of Iraq and its impact on the overall events in the Arab world and the Middle East, which are considered areas of international and regional influence and are given the attention of the active institutions in the US administration.

Iraqi Studies Unit

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