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Rwanda's miracle: Iraq's oil economy is unable to simulate its agricultural economy to become one of the most powerful economies in the world (what happened)

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Rwanda's miracle: Iraq's oil economy is unable to simulate its agricultural economy to become one of the most powerful economies in the world (what happened)

- One day has passed
Researcher Shatha Khalil*

When we hear about Africa, the first thing that comes to our minds is poverty, need, famine and civil wars. These stereotypes have been entrenched in our minds about this continent that experienced the scourge of colonialism and the resulting destruction and sabotage of the resources of the countries of this continent, which is rich in important natural resources.

Rwanda is one of the countries of the African continent that does not have a sea front, and it is bordered to the east by Tanzania, to the north by Uganda, to the south by Burundi, and to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Colonialism began in this country at the end of the eighteenth century with the Germans, followed by the Belgian occupation, whose policy was based on racial segregation between the components of Rwandan society, that is, the Hutus and the Tutsis.

The bad conditions they were in

The country lived in a civil war that plunged its people into death and destruction during the period between 1990 and 1994, between the “Hutu” and “Tutsi” tribes, due to the Belgians’ policy by exploiting the majority of the Hutus, and on this basis, it began to incite them against the Tutsis by publishing a set of offensive ideas and descriptions.

The Tutsi are feudal and do not have Rwandan origins.

By the end of the fifties, the revolution erupted and the Tutsi were overthrown as a ruling class, their property was destroyed, their livestock destroyed, and they fled to exile to neighboring countries, and nearly a million people were killed in Rwanda.

This is other than its devastating effects on the economy and political instability.

It is only one of the forms of the colonial legacy.

Colonialism in Rwanda is what helped cement the hatred between the Hutus and the Tutsis, until that war broke out in Rwanda, which claimed nearly a million lives.

Rwanda experienced suffering after the "genocide", as state facilities and infrastructure were destroyed, and there were no more hospitals, no electricity, and no schools as well.

Rather, the teachers themselves became among the dead, the prisoner, and the fleeing from the country.

Rwanda believed in the importance of education because it was convinced that science was the weapon with which it would face challenges, extremism and racism, so it developed an education system that became very strict with regard to belonging, to be Rwandan and only, without bragging about the name of your tribe or belonging to it, and in general, uttering the word racist has become a crime Punishable by law.

At that time, Rwanda did not need to rebuild the country, more than rebuilding children, psychologically, intellectually and scientifically.

Schools had to return to open their doors again, so the programs of the Dubai Cares Foundation came as one of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s global initiatives, keeping pace with its directions Aiming to build a thinking mind surrounded by compassion and love for humanity and the desire to develop all aspects of life that are affected by it.

Economy Growth

Rwanda has become one of the fastest growing economies in the continent since 2000, and the country's economy depends on agriculture, animal husbandry, mining and tourism, and according to statistics from the National Institute of Statistics in Rwanda, the Rwandan economy grew by 5.9% in 2016, and its gross domestic product reached 9 billion dollar.

The volume of trade reached 603.44 million dollars, while the value of the country's imports in that year amounted to 439.30 million dollars, and the value of exports 164.14 million dollars. The proportion of trade with Turkey is 10% of Rwanda's total foreign trade.

Coffee and tea were on the list of Rwandan exports in 2016, and gold came in third place among the country's exports.

In the growth rate recorded in 2019, Rwanda outperforms the growth rate recorded in economies such as China and India, driven by the rapid progress witnessed by several economic sectors.

Agriculture contributed 28% to the GDP, while the services sector contributed the highest, at 48%, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics.

The forecasts of the Ministry of Finance in Rwanda, as well as the country’s National Institute of Statistics, indicate a growth rate of more than 8% during 2019, and 8.2% during the following year 2020.

Last October, the International Monetary Fund said that Rwandan economic growth It remains strong at a time when the global economy is slowing, with GDP increasing by 8.6% in the first half of 2018.

The trade reforms implemented by the Rwandan government over the past 15 years have attracted global attention, as well as the praise of the World Bank and other international institutions.

The Kigali Convention Center and the hotel adjacent to it have become a symbol of Rwanda, and the Turkish construction company Sonma Group established the center, which cost about 300 million dollars, and succeeded in completing it within one year.

This is how Rwanda has dazzled the world during the past few years through an economic breakthrough that turned it into a magnet for investment in the African continent, which is expected to register more than 7.2%, according to the Rwanda National Institute of Statistics.

The miracle that led to Rwanda’s economic renaissance coincided with a social renaissance that included all aspects of life, for example; The capital, Kigali, has been named the cleanest African capital, and Rwanda is one of the top 10 safest tourist destinations in the world.


What if we compare Iraq and its agricultural resources to Rwanda, does it really need a miracle to get rid of darkness, death, corruption, mismanagement and get rid of sectarianism, nepotism and hostile loyalties to the country?

In power in a religious, political or partisan position by playing on the chord of inciting hatred and hatred among the people and consolidating differences.

Rwanda has transcended hatred, resentment and law enforcement and has become the weapon in the hands of the state.

It has developed serious strategic plans and future economic plans and implemented them with hard work and the people reaping its fruits.

A model that Iraq must follow to advance its economies.

Isn't it the first to unify the word of Iraq and unify the popular ranks to rebuild Iraq, so that Rwanda becomes an example A role model and a lesson for those in Iraqi power

Iraq is going through a period of crisis in all areas of life, political, economic, security, social, cultural, educational, environmental, health and much more.

Iraq needs a conscious discourse and colossal steps to overcome this difficult ordeal and crises that have become classified within a normal daily life, such as the electricity crisis and the weak production of Iraqi electric energy and the targeting of towers and networks of electrical transmission and supply, and the frequent interruption in the supply of energy for various reasons, Iraq today is experiencing overlapping crises with no end It has nothing but real advancement, as Rwanda did.

Iraq needs to establish strategic study centers, think tanks and consultations by conscious and sincere scholars and thinkers in all government institutions and civil society institutions in order to diagnose the problems that the country suffers from and ways to treat them. Presenting the results to the decision-makers and the supreme religious authority.

Eliminating corruption.

The people and the government should cooperate together in eliminating the phenomenon of administrative corruption, because with corruption it is not possible to achieve any reform project in the country.

Arms are confined to the hands of states, the army unites, the gangs are eliminated, after two decades, Rwanda is transformed from the land of death to the capital. The economy of the brown continent

In sum, the great wisdom of the Rwandan government enabled it to improve the standard of living of its citizens.

Is this difficult for those who govern Iraq, especially since it contains huge untapped potentials and huge oil and human wealth.

Economic Studies Unit / North American Office Rawabet
Center for Research and Strategic Studies

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