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Traders and businessmen call for activating the role of the private sector

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Traders and businessmen call for activating the role of the private sector

Friday 22nd January 2021 - 12:39
Baghdad - conscious - Fatima Rahma

Out of its keenness to provide what serves the Iraqi market, the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce held a ceremony to honor the distinguished merchants of businessmen and women at the Salahuddin Hall in the Palestine Meridian Hotel in coordination with the Ministry of Trade, and in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Trade representing the Prime Minister, as well as academics, economists, researchers and delegates Concerned departments.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Trade, Ghassan Farhan Hamid, said at the ceremony attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The Ministry of Trade believes that the Iraqi situation does not exist except in the private sector,

and today we honor a group of distinguished merchants, and the private sector is directed towards all those who are organized in the chambers of commerce as much We are prepared to support the private sector, in order to achieve all services, meet the country's needs, and build a strong basic base," noting that

"the Ministry of Trade is looking forward to supporting and developing ministries, providing facilities for businessmen and protecting consumers."

In turn, the Director General of the Private Sector Department at the Ministry of Trade, Riyadh Fakher Al-Hashemi, affirmed that "the Ministry of Trade is working to support investment companies and provide possible facilities according to its specialization, such as facilitating company registration and granting import licenses, whether equipment or other related to investment projects."

Central markets are established under the Public Companies Law, and some markets have been referred to investment, and the Ministry is currently in the process of completing the procedures for opening these centers.

"The Ministry of Trade is responsible for the general distribution of foodstuffs in Iraq through the ration card system, which helps stabilize the prices of basic food commodities, and the Commercial and Financial Supervision Department has coordination with the Economic Crime Directorate regarding the control of materials and commodities in the local markets," he added.

To that, the director of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, said: "The Federation is an economic organization that forms an umbrella for all chambers to organize their affairs and lay the foundations for a strategy of cooperation with the government by dissolving obstacles, amending laws and regulating trade work in Iraq," noting that

"the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce sponsors Baghdad merchants."

Exclusively, the existing laws, including Articles 25 and 26 of the Constitution, did not clarify the role of the Iraqi private sector,

but gave the government the right to invest its money in other sectors, and Iraq today is in dire need of enacting a new law that regulates work and defines what the economy is exactly.

Is it a rentier economy or Free or totalitarian?"

He continued that, "when the work of the economy is properly organized that gives the private sector a role, and the union worked to amend the private sector law, focusing on the participation between the public and private sectors," noting that

"in the Corona crisis, the Iraqi merchant played a great role despite the closure of ports and imports, but he refused as he was." To be the distinguished trader in providing foodstuffs to the citizen without any increase in prices.

For his part, the head of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce, Firas Al-Hamdani, pointed out that “the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce has always been in real coordination with the government to nominate leading and distinguished companies in its bid in order to supply the national economy with the most important companies and support it, and thus the advancement and exit from this crisis,” pointing out that

“there are standards prepared by a committee A specialist in the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce, to mark the distinguished companies according to a mechanism of a sophisticated academic character, and chose the best, which amounted to one hundred and eighty companies and businessmen.

He noted that "in the coming days, the chamber will have a message to introduce the government and friendly neighboring countries to the Iraqi merchant," stressing that

"opening new horizons with the government and the Ministry of Trade will bring positive results for joint cooperation between the private and public sectors through the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce."

The director of the International Islamic Bank, Eng. Suha Al-Kafa’i, stated that “the private sector is able to accomplish and innovate,

but unfortunately this sector is blocked by laws that do not support it,” indicating that

“if the parliament approves the partnership agreement, this agreement will make merchants with the ability and capabilities of modern technology and their expertise and money enter the ministries of the state.

To be a partnership between them, and this partnership guarantees their rights, and this agreement says that the state has capabilities but is unable to operate, and everyone wishes to approve the partnership agreement and not be postponed from one year to another.

The director of one of the companies, the consultant engineer Qahtan Adnan Abdul Amir, explained that, "Unfortunately, there is no real support for the private sector,

because the instructions that state departments operate on limit the process of fruitful cooperation between the private sector and the state and most of the obstacles that block the private sector and force it to turn to informal ways because of these instructions.".

In the same context, the director of a private company, Karim Al-Shammari, said: “We are one of the old merchants, nearly half a century of commercial work, and we have experience in the rules and foundations of trade, so we were honored by the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce.” Importance to the Iraqi economy."

The vice president of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce, Engineer Raad Kadhim al-Maliki said: “The merchants were selected and honored, during the Corona crisis they were very committed not to raise prices and their commitment to the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce to renew their identity. Son of their country, and based on that, they were honored and distinguished from the rest. "

The commercial director of one of the telecommunications companies, Saifuddin Hazem, stressed that "the Iraqi market is a target during the next stage and the transition to a new generation of communications (the Four J).

He said: "The Iraqi market is important; Because it is commercial, and we are in the transition to the stage of digital commerce, and this is thanks to development and modernization, and then we will obtain approvals and services will be launched soon.

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