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Repercussions of the financial crisis in Iraq

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Repercussions of the financial crisis in Iraq

Diaa Mohsen
66 2020-10-25
Diaa Mohsen ||
Hardly a day goes by without Iraqis suffering from a crisis different from the one that preceded it.

This people may be doomed to live crises with which they have no income, or this people may be the primary cause of the crises that have occurred and are happening to them.

The recent financial crisis may be the most dangerous crisis that has passed through this country for the past seventeen years after the change in 2003, as the crisis touched the last wall of blockage for Iraqi families, represented in the salaries of employees, the number of which depends on this salary of more than three million families,

An average of six members per family, and this means that eighteen million citizens have kept their mouths open to the sky, due to the lack of payment of their salaries by the Ministry of Finance, which is one of its main tasks is to provide the salaries of employees.

A questioner may ask why the crisis occurred, and what are the successful solutions to get out of this crisis and not to repeat it again?

These are questions that we hear while walking around the street.

The reasons for the occurrence of the financial crisis are not related to this specific time, because there are accumulations that have occurred which exacerbated the crisis in this dangerous way,

and the fact that no country, no matter how great its financial resources, will not be able to appoint all citizens in the government apparatus,

there is a ceiling that cannot be crossed in This matter,

everyone knows that the number of employees before 2003 does not exceed the 750 thousand employees, but after that year the number started to escalate until it reached a frightening number (3250000) employees,

the employee's work rate does not exceed nine minutes per day, which resulted in convincing unemployment

The primary cause of it was the political parties and blocs that confronted the political scene, by luring elites into a government job in the event that they granted their votes for this bloc or that party.

The other reason for the occurrence of the financial crisis is the lack of budget planning.

Iraq, until the moment in which we are now, depends on balancing the items in issuing its budgets.

This type of budgets is outdated, and countries have left them, so that we are witnessing some countries making budgets for one day,

as well as That there are budgets for programs and plans, which depend on providing the most important and then important of the projects that provide service to the citizen, in addition to achieving an economic return that will supplement the budget in the coming years.

There is a reason more dangerous than all of the above, which is the expenses and expenditures of the three presidencies, members of Parliament and ministers.

It is not reasonable that the salary of the President of the Republic is 80 million dinars except for the allocations, and the prime minister is 50 million dinars except for the allocations, and the same is the speaker of Parliament, while we find that the salary A member of Parliament is equal to the minister's salary, and according to the law, it is six million dinars, excluding the allowances,

and if these numbers are calculated, we find that they are staggering numbers,

and then there are the risk allowances given to workers in the Green Zone, which for some reach 600% of his salary.

The most dangerous of all we have said is the failure to activate the real sectors in the Iraqi economy, and we mean the agricultural, industrial and service sectors,

these sectors can provide the Iraqi economy a great service, and we have witnessed during the Corona pandemic and Iraq’s cut off from the world due to the compulsory quarantine, how agricultural products The local market has covered the Iraqi market, not to mention the low prices of these products, so that they have made more profits for farmers than the period before the quarantine.

So what can be done to get out of all of the above?

Solutions to get out of the crisis and not return to it at a later time, need a will to solve, not just a wish that this crisis will be solved,

and this means that there must be a scalpel to perform a surgical operation for the Iraqi economy,

it begins first with reducing the salaries, allocations and protections of the three presidencies, members of Parliament and ministers In addition to the abolition of risk allowances for workers in the Green Zone.

Also, work must be done to activate activity in the private sector, this sector that suffers from neglect, due to weak legal legislation, as well as some attempt to impose royalties on those who want to work in this sector, because there is a class of parasites who have dealings with neighboring countries who do not wish to rise This sector being beneficiaries of it, because it works in this or that country.

It is also necessary to work on rehabilitating the largest number of governmental factories and factories that were affiliated with military manufacturing.

These factories had more than 600,000 workers (engineers and professionals) and if the government had turned to this number of factories, the Iraqi product would have covered the market with an efficiency no less than the foreign product.

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