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The logic of the state surrounds the political fiefdoms ... and the centers of power begin a political and media campaign to thwart the battle with the corrupt

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09/20/2020 12:45    Readings 2516    Section: Popular Topics

The logic of the state surrounds the political fiefdoms ... and the centers of power begin a political and media campaign to thwart the battle with the corrupt

Baghdad / Al-Masalla: Sources said that political forces are preparing to go beyond the "media escalation" against the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi by working to thwart it and obstruct any decisions that lead to changing the failed and corrupt system of governance since 2003.

The sources emphasized that when these forces initially supported Al-Kazemi's candidacy for prime minister, they did not intend to reform, as far as bypassing the bottleneck, after the demonstrations threatened their existence, and sought an era of calm between them and the people who rebelled against them, and they believed that the era of Al-Kazemi would be a passing But she was surprised by the efficiency of the Al-Kazemi administration and his serious determination to remove the corrupt, and to reject the plurality of the decision by listening to the opinions of the blocs and parties and taking their desires.

And the sources monitored alliances, even between the various parties, with each other, with the intention of preventing the Al-Kazemi government from achieving gains that are calculated for it.

The parties focus on a systematic media campaign to discredit Al-Kazemi's image, hoping to reduce his wide popularity among Iraqis, which will clearly affect the results of early elections scheduled for next June.

A meeting of the Shiite forces, organized earlier in Baghdad, witnessed a clear annoyance of the blocs towards Al-Kazemi's policy based on the independence of the government's decision, and the lack of subordination locally to parties, and regionally to countries.

According to the sources, the parties want Al-Kazemi to involve them in decisions and policies mainly, by employing officials affiliated with them, in the circle close to Al-Kazemi.

Former Iraqi MP Wael Abdul Latif acknowledges the existence of these movements. He told Al-Masala that there was an effort behind the scenes to topple Kazemi.

The level of the parties' dissatisfaction with Al-Kazemi’s approach to strengthening the state’s authority in a government that differs from the governments that preceded it after forming an anti-corruption committee has allowed the Counter-Terrorism Service to arrest senior officials in this context.

The committee succeeded in hunting corrupt personalities associated with the parties' economic offices.

In a short period of time, Al-Kazemi took measures against the uncontrolled weapon, and hit the corrupt people, who are linked in one way or another to power centers.

Academic and political analyst Khaled al-Gharibawi says that the political forces realize that their loss of these sites, which guarantee them influence in the paths of the state and generate billions of dollars in profits, may represent the declaration of their death politically, as the special degrees represent the lungs of the breathing of many parties.

And he continues: But Al-Kazemi's ability to make wide changes among the occupants of these degrees or to bring independents to fill them is currently limited, due to various forms of immunity surrounding many employees, some of which are partisan and some are administrative.

The writer and researcher Adnan Abu Zaid believes that the people should not stand idly by from the parties' campaign against Al-Kazemi, considering that reform revolutions will not succeed with a leader only unless the people come out with him from his father’s reel and support the gradual steps leading to the conquest of political fiefdoms and heads of corruption.

Adnan Abu Zeid said that if a citizen participates in the elections with results that prove the power centers in place, then he should not complain anymore, because he will have a real participant in deception.


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