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Invitation of the Association of Iraqi academics in the United Kingdom to attend the conference "The Iraqi economy to where"

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Invitation of the Association of Iraqi academics in the United Kingdom to attend the conference "The Iraqi economy to where"

by IEN Editors
- Posted on 14/07/2019

We have the honor to invite you to attend the conference of the Association of Iraqi Academies in the United Kingdom under the title:

Where is the Iraqi economy?

The conference will be held at the Brunei School of Oriental and African Studies ( SOAS ) - University of London on Saturday 27 July 2019 from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

A strong economy based on sound foundations is the foundation on which the modern state is based and is the basis for a cohesive and productive society.

A strong economy is a diversified economy that does not depend on one source of income but on many balanced sources between the public sector, the private sector and the private sector.

In which the citizen plays the primary role, in terms of being a contributor to production and wealth creation, and is responsible for the activities of the state through the payment of taxes.

The Iraqi economy, as everyone knows, is a rental economy that depends on one single source of income, both for the state and for its citizens because of the atrophy of the private sector.

This source is oil. The decline in prices has hit the state and society with a complete paralysis.

Over the past five decades, there has been an atrophy, lack of patronage and destruction of the industrial, agricultural and private sectors, both in the days of the former regime and the current one, and no practical steps have been taken to diversify the Iraqi economy to become a modern, productive and productive economy.

Depending primarily on oil revenues.

Where will this approach lead us? What if the world were to abandon oil and devise low-cost and environmentally friendly alternatives, which is now under way and there are many alternatives?

Weakness of the Iraqi economy is a dire threat and solutions must be found or at least put this issue to the public debate.

The association of Iraqi academics in the UK has decided to look into this dilemma facing our dear country,

so it called on a group of Iraqi economists to carry out their research in this field and how Iraq can establish a diversified economy that can establish a strong and effective state in the international community.

A productive country capable of serving its nearly 40 million citizens.

The conference on the Iraqi economy, which will be held on July 27, 2019 will discuss many issues related to the Iraqi economy and how to extricate him from his current dangerous situation.

Lectures will be divided into two sessions:

The first session is directed by Dr. Hamid Al-Kafai and he speaks:

Dr. Kamal Field Basri:

The problematic of the economic experience in Iraq - weakness in its elements or lack of conditions

Dr. Abbas Al-Fayadh:

The state of rent and its impact on the economy and development

Dr. Hussein Al-Chalabi:

What is the role of oil and gas in the growth of a sustainable Iraqi economy?

The second session was moderated by Dr. Farid Ayyer and addressed by:

Dr. Baraq Shubar:

Lost development contracts in Iraq before and after the change in 2003 - Preliminary ideas about results and reasons

Professor Mesbah Kamal:

The reality of insurance in Iraq

Eng. Haval Kazem:

Entrepreneurship and the Digital Economy: A Solution to Collective Unemployment in Iraq

We hope your attendance and participation will enrich the theme of the conference.

With great respect and appreciation

Dr. Ahmed Jahani

About the / Management Association of the Association of Iraqi Academics in the United Kingdom

Time and date: 10.30AM- 4.30PM, Saturday the 27 th July 2019


Brunei Lecture Theater,
School of Oriental and African Studies, London University
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Nearest Underground Station: Russell Square- Piccadilly Line

SOAS location map

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