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Cement qualifies the Iraqi Kirkuk Cement Plant and the contract to install a power plant, including a self-funded

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The general manager of the General Company for Cement Iraqi Nasser civil to the great success of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the company after the transfer coefficient cement its investment in accordance with the principle of sharing production for the rise energies productivity and to support the development and revitalization of the private sector.
He said in a statement to the Information Office in the Ministry and received a solution (News) copy of which was that the company has made ​​substantial achievements following transfer of three of its investment by sharing production with Iraqi companies backed by foreign companies specialized industry and cement production, according to the Companies Act and are each of the (cement plant based and cement plant Fallujah and Cement Plant is a leap year), indicating that the important things provided for in contracts for participation is to keep all employees of the laboratory was provided with the financial dues of salary increases that may occur by addition to the payment of incentives and profits as well as access energies productivity of these plants to 90% of the energy design and installation of power stations to run them as well as the return of property these laboratories to the government and the ministry and the company after the expiry of the contract and the (15) years.
revealing the company has achieved a profit of more than (16) billion dinars from the laboratories invested and the provision of electrical power necessary to ensure the sustainability of operation and smooth flow of production with the increase in productivity and rise energies to reach capacity cement plant quo until the month of October last to 80% of design capacity and the cement plant is a leap to 50% and the Cement Plant of Fallujah to 70%, this in spite of some obstacles and circumstances that limit the work of the investing companies, including Maitalq laws, legislation and recent measure of the Ministry of Oil in the non-processing plant Cement is a leap in oil for a period of three months, indicating that the plants cultivated continued employment and output when it stopped working in the labs the other because of the cabinet's decision to stop processing plants, companies and the Ministry of Industry electricity at higher temperatures during the summer season.
on the other hand said the civil that work is continuing to complete rehabilitation work under way in the Cement Plant of Kirkuk, the company's and its own resources and that has not been forwarded to invest despite the tireless efforts of the Ministry and the company, so the company has worked on the rehabilitation and stages by sister companies such as Challenge Corporation Public Company and fraternity and public companies hold public contracts worth billions of dinars, explaining that The objective of rehabilitation is to achieve energy productivity of the plant to design capacity, as the power plant stands at around 30% of design capacity with the installation power plant to ensure the operation of the line production upon the completion of rehabilitation to begin the rehabilitation of the line the second production, announcing the completion of the rehabilitation work the end of March or early April of next year.
On the complaints of some citizens in the city of Kirkuk, the impact of the plant on the environment in the city, especially areas near it, between the civil that electrostatic lab obsolete has not been maintained for years and that interest in production in the past it was often without regard for the environment, stressing that the company pays is currently considerable interest for improving the environment and maintain the health of the citizen as the rehabilitation of precipitators, replacement and contracted to install a power plant capacity of 21 MW and $ 30 billion dinars, self-financing by the company to ensure the operation of the line production in the laboratory upon completion of qualifying and raising the efficiency of the precipitators electrical terms, the continued power contributes significantly to raising the efficiency of operation of precipitin and thus improve the environment.
It is worth mentioning that the Cement State Company of Iraqi's leading manufacturers of cement and the first in the field of investment has four specialized laboratories manufacturing cement is the cement plant based and Cement Plant leap and plant Kirkuk Cement for the production of cement types of normal and resistant cement plant and Fallujah, which is the only lab in Iraq for the production of white cement qualities of high quality and competitive with imported certificate of the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control The company is self-financing system for three years.

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