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Abadi is dependent on the economy of the country However, the IMF and the World Bank Iraq demands the abolition of 34 thousand degrees of functional institutions of the state

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Abadi is dependent on the economy of the country However, the IMF and the World Bank Iraq demands the abolition of 34 thousand degrees of functional institutions of the state

2018/11/11 8:53 am

The Iraqi Observer - Mushtaq Al Hasnawi

The terms of the loans obtained by Iraq from the IMF and the World Bank continue to hamper the building of solid budgets.

These loans consume large sums of money from the Iraqi budget to pay them as interest for these loans, as well as their conditions to prevent the creation of new jobs.

The budget of 2019 was drawn by the government of Abbadi and received by the government of Abdul Mahdi, which is full of gaps, which indicates that the process of drawing was carried out the transfer of figures from the budget for the current year next year, and strange that Abadi laughed at the taste of the people of Basra through false promises to provide ten thousand jobs To the residents of Basra to absorb the anger of its inhabitants, and other functions of the province of Dhi Qar, but turned out to be fake jobs.

The IMF and the World Bank have requested a reduction of 34,000 government jobs for the Abadi government, which has not been resolved. Abdel-Mahdi's demand for job cuts may be repeated.

This will cause serious problems for the current government, especially since next year's budget does not include private sector rehabilitation.

Abadi was trying to stall in the issue of appointments announced to dilute the issue, as is known, is to put restrictions on the Iraqi economy and make it at the disposal of these foreign financial institutions control the budget of Iraq and prevent the achievement of good economic growth.

According to specialists, the request of the IMF and the World Bank to abolish 34 government jobs evidence of the imposition of these institutions on the economic decision, despite the achievement of financial abundance due to high oil prices, but did not work to develop other sectors because of international pressure for loans that did not take into account the interest Iraq.

The economic expert, Dr. Salam Samisem, in contact with the (Iraqi observer): the loans received by Iraq on unfair terms did not take into account the interest of Iraq, but is a race to get money does not know where anyone spent or the existence of documents to do so, former Prime Minister Haider Abadi put Iraq in crisis Large by blocking new appointments in the budget law, which contributed to high unemployment and inflation in the country.

"The Iraqi budget for next year is supposed to include the distribution of investment opportunities and diversification, support and rehabilitation of the private sector to allow the recycling of industrial machinery, in order to create new jobs, although not government, but subject to labor laws as in the government sector, Especially the high unemployment rates among new graduates, which will increase the economic crisis and the deterioration of the standard of living of the Iraqi citizen.

For his part, says economic expert Hafiz al-Bishara in contact with the (Iraqi observer): Jobs in Iraq divided into two parts, the first compensation for the movement of owners and other new jobs, and was prevented new jobs because of the pressure of international financial institutions that provided loans to Iraq.

The IMF and the World Bank want to impose a capitalist economy on Iraq by reducing government employment opportunities, but the problem has not been activated the private sector, which is supposed to absorb the unemployed, making Iraq an economic problem because of the absence of economic identity.

Al-Bishara said that the institutions that lent to Iraq have fears that Iraq does not pay for loans and benefits because of the disbursement of huge funds on the welfare networks and support ration card and others, but they forgot that the theft of public money exceeds the numbers of these subsidies and was not addressed, which is the main reason for the budget deficit In Iraq for previous and current years.

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