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Ahli Bank signs agreement with IFC

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1Ahli Bank signs agreement with IFC Empty Ahli Bank signs agreement with IFC Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:50 am




Al Ahli Bank signs agreement with IFC

Economy News - Baghdad

Al-Ahli Bank announced on Sunday the signing of an agreement with the International Finance Corporation concerning the bank's accession to the World Trade Finance Program through which the Corporation will guarantee the bank 10 billion dollars against letters of guarantee executed by the Iraqi bank to its customers.

The agreement is an important "starting point" for the bank.

"The bank signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Iraqi National Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) today with regard to the NCB's accession to the World Trade Finance Program, through which the Corporation will guarantee 10 billion US dollars against letters of guarantee Which is implemented by the Iraqi bank to its customers."

"The memorandum of understanding concerns the Bank's support in terms of enhancing corporate governance to ensure best practice in this area, especially as it has been announced by the Governor of the Central Bank to issue a revised guide to the modified governance of banks," Al Salem added.

Al Ahli to the global trade finance program because it grants the ability to finance companies and global banks and ease the conditions required by the international banks, the most important of which is cash."

"The Iraqi Bank has been able to open up to the outside world, which enabled it to obtain trade finance and a number of correspondent banks, which enabled it to provide foreign trade financing through the volume and appropriations issued about 700 million dollars in 2017,

That "the reopening of the border with Jordan, which led to the increase in trade exchange between the two countries since the beginning of this year, and we expect that the credits will see further increase during the current year."

Al-Salem said that "the bank obtained the first place in the exploitation of the initiative of the Central Bank related to the financing of small and medium enterprises and occupies the second place among the private banks in the project to settle the salaries of employees," noting that

"the Central Bank hailed the bank's development of the banking sector and the Iraqi economy "He said.

"The signing of the agreement is an important starting point for the bank to develop and move towards the networking of international relations and the stabilization of its position and foreign relations, as it is an important and vital issue in the banking sector," said the governor of the Central Bank, pointing out that

"the banking sector without a real arm And extensive external relations can not be able to progress and development and the completion of many services and products.

He added that the banking sector in Iraq has begun to be of importance to international institutions, as well as expressing the opposite of confidence in dealing with the issue.

He continued: "At the level of Iraq, we have taken an important step in strengthening Iraq's status in the classification of combating terrorism and the financing of terrorism, which has become an issue in the dealings between countries," pointing out that

"the classification was obtained by the international financial work that moved Iraq during the two years of the region Gray to an ongoing area to the continuous follow-up area to which all the country is subjected, and this gave strength in dealing with foreign institutions."

He pointed out that "a series of actions took place within the banking sector through the promotion and consolidation of international practices and standards that have been able to move the banking sector to another situation, and there are other applications in compliance and the principles of governance," noting that

"the central bank developed the banking sector, To absorb internal and external financial transactions and implemented advanced protection systems and the national payment system is one of the most advanced systems in the world."

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