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Planning attributes the reasons for the delay of the census of population to the political differences

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22.11.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Sumerian News / Baghdad announced the Ministry of Planning, on Tuesday, expressed its full readiness to conduct a census of population, attributed the reasons for the delay differences to political developments in the country, with drew to sign an agreement with the European Union to grant Iraqi government 24 million euros early next year. The Minister of Planning Ali Yousef Shukri in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The ministry is prepared to make the general population when it was political decision-making in this regard," asserting that "the political atmosphere is still preventing the vote. " said Shukri, that "some ministries suffer from duplication of work," noting that "the Ministry of Planning is responsible for issuing statements and statistics suffer from such duplication." He said Shukri that "there is data and statistics issued by other ministries may differ from those issued by the the ministry, "pointing to the existence of" legislation dominated by contradiction and conflict have been issued after the year 2003. " predicted Shukri that "witnessing the coming days, the formation of a competent authority to end the duplication of the work of ministries and feminine certain laws and regulations and the adoption of the Ministry of Planning only party responsible for issuing statements and official statistics without the other," noting that it "will reduce a little bit of red tape that characterizes the actions government departments." In another context, the minister of Planning, that "The ministry has signed today an agreement with the European Union to give the Iraqi government 24 billion euros," noting that "the implementation of the Convention will start early next year, 2012, to invest the grant in the areas of health and higher education, civil society and migrants. " The political scene in Iraq, in addition to chronic crises among the list of Iraq and a coalition of state law, a new crisis is the claims of some provinces, the establishment of regions including the Declaration of Salahuddin province, territory economically and administratively separate protest against the marginalization and arrest procedures, ablation, which affected dozens of children, also announced that the Iraqi List, in the province of Diyala, to submit a working paper of the central government includes nine demands to resolve all problems within the province, stressing that the province will announce the territories in the event of non-response, and the threat of the provinces of Anbar, Basra and Mosul demanding the establishment of provinces in the event of failure to meet the demands and provision of services. The Iraqi Ministry of Planning, declared on the seventh of last September, the pursuit of a general census of the population of the end of the year 2011, confirmed that there are efforts being made ​​to resolve the dispute on the subject. It is noteworthy that Ministry of Planning presented at the 23 of November, the current initiative to the Cabinet for discussion in order to conduct a census on the fifth of December, but delayed until further notice after the formation of three committees in each of the provinces of Nineveh and Diyala and Kirkuk. raised the direction of the Ministry of Planning clear the field of nationalist census form reactions Kurdish angry, it was considered that this approach before the ministry "illegal" and is in favor of "sowing sedition and sectarianism" in the provinces is characterized by a multiplicity commend them, accusing those who stand behind the decision of trying to " procrastination "Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution. and face the process of conducting the general census of the population of Iraq, a lot of difficulties, especially since he has been postponed for several times after that was scheduled in 2007, was postponed due to poor security conditions to October of 2009 to be postponed once other due to fears of politicization, as opposed to several groups conducted in the disputed areas such as Kirkuk, inhabited by Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen, which includes the oil fields large, as well as areas disputed between Arabs and Kurds in Nineveh province, with populations belong to the religions and doctrines of variety like the Muslims and Yazidis and Shabak, Christians, in anticipation of this census may reveal the composition of the population that would eliminate the political ambitions. The last census took place in Iraq in 1997, showed a population of about 19 ​​million people, with the exception of the governorates of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where officials estimated then their numbers three million people.

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