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Some of them have been set up to be a cover for illegal money laundering owned by senior officials occupying the market

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Some of them have been set up to be a cover for illegal money laundering owned by senior officials occupying the market

2018/09/10 11:00 am
The Iraqi Observer - Suad Al - Rashed

The financial abundance of many strata of society has been reflected through the use of power outlets to make money or through direct corruption with various personal profit projects whose huge size and capital indicate the reality of the capacities behind them.

The growing consumption culture and the desire of the majority to acquire all that is new and provided a ground for the unprecedented spread of so-called malls, which are marketing complexes of different sizes, embracing a large number of shops, restaurants, cafeterias, game shops and some entertainment, and attract large numbers of customers, whether for shopping or For the purpose of entertainment or for working hours and deals.

Many talk about the presence of political figures or relatives of senior officials are the real owners of those huge shops or partners, whether through the recruitment of what is earned through the money entrances corruption, which wasted hundreds of billions or through the use of their relations to obtain investment opportunities through malls and shows that Visible in the characteristic locations occupied by them.

Money laundering is trying to hide itself in more than one way through organized laundering. The phenomenon of malls, supermarkets and large markets is one of the successful opportunities that are being exploited in order to lose the assets of these funds and turn them into legitimate businesses.

«Iraqi observer» highlighted the proliferation of malls is almost a phenomenon for most of the provinces and the size of interest and damage to the economy in Iraq and sources of funding and the figures behind them?"

The phenomenon of the proliferation of commercial malls in Iraq is a civilized phenomenon with good security dimensions, while contributing to the beautification of the capital's landscape by providing many jobs for young people, contributing to the absorption of unemployment and providing opportunities for competition between prices, Effort and provide the citizen with comfort and safety.

Al-Anbaki believes that this idea is not popular among all due to the high prices of shops in these malls and the high rents.

He called on the government to provide support for these investments because of its positive economic and social impact on the country.

In a related context, the political analyst Saleh al-Hashemi, said that the subject of malls is a purely investment issue and the result of corruption in Iraq, which has spread significantly did not leave an annex of the facilities of the state and its institutions, but the income for the laundering of money and gain profits and money laundering very often Mollat be a conduit for washing That money.

Hashemi added that the Iraqi market has seen a significant decline in the market and the spread of these malls, which we find behind influential politicians have made it a very large outlet for money laundering as it withdraws large sums of money and generate large profits and laundering money illegally obtained.

Al-Hashemi stressed that the phenomenon of the proliferation of malls is a civilized civil phenomenon,

but at the same time granted investment and construction permits and the establishment of a mall in which the process of bribery, counterfeit loans and the process of import and exemption from taxes have been exploited in a very large and may become a hotbed for bribes and living on public money.

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