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Invite young people to invest in the stock exchange

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Invite young people to invest in the stock exchange

14/8/2018 5:33 am
Baghdad / Mustafa Al Hashemi

The majority of citizens lack the knowledge of the mechanism of trading in the Iraqi market for securities because they do not have the financial and banking culture, where they keep money in cash in their homes without investing in the stock market,

while citizens of regional countries are trading electronic cards easily allowing them to electronic trading remotely in the financial markets there,

There has been a limited number of public shares trading since the inception of the market in 2004, which generated the necessary experience to know the right time to achieve profits through the sale or purchase of shares belonging to joint stock companies.

Terms of Trading

On the way to enter and trade in the stock market, said Madar al-Sarraf, a member of the Union of Brokers of securities in Iraq, "One of the conditions of trading in the stock exchange that the applicant to enter this area bank account in government banks or eligibility to register his account number in one of the brokerage companies that wish Dealing with them, which in turn deal with the Iraqi market for securities, and then choose the sectors that wish to invest in them such as banks or industry or telecommunications, services or insurance or hotels traded shares in the stock exchange.

"After that, the citizen is authorized by the brokerage company, under an agency, to dispose of his shares in the event that he wishes to sell or buy. Note that the brokerage companies do not take the decision to sell or buy on his behalf unless the approval of the shareholder because its role is limited to advice and advice.

investing money

Al-Sarraf called on young people to "save the money and invest it and invest it inside Iraq instead of spending it on foreign travel and tourism or buying modern mobile devices or buying what can be damaged quickly without the real benefit of the amounts spent in this way."

He pointed out that "traders in the Iraqi market for securities are senior citizens or traders at a high level, while we see a significant absence of young people in the market, and the entry of young people in this area will contribute to the activation of trading in the stock market certainly."

The group of intermediaries in the market consists of several brokerage companies approved in the Iraqi market for securities, the number of 45 companies, as is in the Iraqi market for securities to put the shares of civil companies (the contribution) to the public to trade shares and buy and buy for profits through the activity of companies Which is reflected in determining the price of the stock up or down.

Share Owners

"The stock market is seeking success in Iraq by giving individuals the opportunity to become owners of Iraqi companies and enable them to share their ambitions and provide real support for our national economy," Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, the executive director of the market, said in a media briefing earlier.

"The acquisition of shares and the development of strong capital markets are an important part of the process of economic development."

There are foreign investors who have never entered Iraq and are investing in all the companies listed on the stock market via the Internet and conduct their deals easily, sometimes accounting for 50 percent of the total number of traders.

What is the arrow

"The purchase of shares in a company makes the holder a partial owner of that company, which allows him to vote in shareholders meetings and allows him to get a share of any profits allocated by the company to the owners, which is known as dividends distributed shares, and can buy or sell shares In the stock market and it has the potential to achieve relatively high returns, but it may also be subject to loss of value.

He said that "the investor has the right to own any number of shares in a way that does not contradict the laws of the banks and the law of financial markets," noting that

"the brokerage companies take the process of selling and buying shares after being authorized by the owner of shares, and can be held by the shareholders as much What he wants from time because once the purchase, the shares become a private property of its owner.

"It is important to bear in mind that stocks are often more valuable in the long run than other forms of investment.

It is also important to keep in mind that the value of stocks is likely to fall as they are likely to rise," he stressed.

The Iraqi Stock Exchange was established in 2004 and is an economic institution responsible for organizing and controlling the buying and selling of shares of registered companies for investors carried out by brokerage firms accredited by the market using modern electronic systems.

The market also holds 5 sessions per week with two hours of trading Daily.

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