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International consensus on supporting Iraq economically

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International consensus on supporting Iraq economically

28/4/2018 12:00 am

At the crossroads of investment and reconstruction opportunities

Baghdad / morning work team

Once again, the world reacts with Iraq, which is moving towards a period of great construction and reconstruction in the liberated areas and the whole of the provinces, where there are great employment opportunities for local, regional and global companies looking to work throughout Iraq.

Haider Al-Abbadi organized by the Economic and Reconstruction Group in the presence of 157 international and regional companies, 30 diplomatic bodies and a large crowd of businessmen and Iraqi companies.

The Forum witnessed the signing of a number of agreements and memorandums of understanding for a number of investment projects in a number of sectors, and organized on the sidelines of the Forum an exhibition of investment opportunities available in all regions of Iraq.

Comprehensive development

The forum opened with a speech by Prime Minister Dr. Haidar al-Abadi followed by Acting d. "The government's interest in the private sector stems from a clear vision for its role in achieving a great economic development to provide a comprehensive development guarantee that will raise the standard of living of citizens in the economic, health, educational, environmental and other sectors."

"The success of the Kuwait International Conference did not reflect the alignment of the countries of the world and the international organizations besides Iraq, but stressed the sincere desire and determination of dozens of Iraqi and foreign companies to enter the fields of investment in all provinces of the country."

He pointed out that "the work continues to regulate the commitments made by States, and began serious discussions to implement these commitments, at a time we look forward to receive any proposals or problems facing investment."

It is worth mentioning that the forum is being held in light of the new stage Iraq is going through and the security and political stability it is witnessing.

It aims at informing the Iraqi, Arab and international private sector institutions about the economic reality in Iraq and the new investment climate under the legislation and procedures adopted and adopting new economic orientations, Private sector and opportunities in key sectors, which will provide promising opportunities for the private sector with the pillars of the economic reform program.

Investment map

Chairman of the National Investment Commission d. Sami Al-Araji said: "At the Kuwait conference we presented a package of projects that are in line with the 2018-2020 development plan. The projects represent an investment map for 2018, which included 120 small and large projects."

He pointed out that "this forum is an update of what was presented at the Kuwait Conference, where it presents new opportunities in Baghdad, in the presence of private sector Arab, local and global," noting that

"the presence of more than 700 economic figures representing Iraq and the international economic community is an achievement for a country seeking development with the participation of the world".

Evolution of Man

President of the General Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Arab Agriculture Nael al-Kabriti stressed that "Iraq's land is good and named good and has a spirit of permanent renewal, and after defeating terrorism, we give him greetings, and we with him to make tomorrow bright and Baghdad remains an environment conducive to human development."

And called on everyone to go to invest in Iraq, which has all the positive elements that help the success of the business in the presence of guarantees encouraging.

"Iraq needs the support of its brothers, so today we have come to meet the call and support it to start building reconstruction, especially as Iraq is unique to other Arab countries, the availability of all the elements of economic success and can promote rapid, pointing to" the importance of investment in production and the knowledge economy By moving towards youth and using their energies to create a promising future."

"The vision of Iraq 2020-2030 aims to increase the contribution of the private sector in the gross output to 45 percent through economic diversification,

He pointed out that "the development plan is important and aims to establish the foundations of governance and partnership with the private sector and the development of infrastructure and the provinces and reduce poverty."

Attractive environment

The head of the economic and business group Rauf Abu Zaki said that "investment and reconstruction are two interrelated points, and Iraq needs to overcome its challenges in light of pushing the government towards a reform that will promote all the joints of the country and create an attractive environment for work and investment," stressing that

"Iraq is going to promote the economy leaving behind the legacy of wars and left behind "He said.

He pointed out that "Iraq is one of the largest economies in the world, and occupies the fifth position in oil reserves and has human expertise has achieved remarkable achievements globally, especially approaching and can be useful in the next phase."

"The country needs a plan to interact with international economies and benefit from international experience. The stage requires attracting investors to activate economic activities."

The head of the group of Bu Khamis Kuwaiti Jawad Bu Khamseen, he said on the sidelines of the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the National Investment Commission that "the reality of investment in Iraq has improved significantly and this was evident by the presence and work in Iraq since 2012 in the detailed religious tourism and today the construction of hotels In Kadhimiya, Karbala and Samarra in order to promote religious tourism."

Industrial partnerships

"The exhibition, which represented the other half of the forum, presented in most of its chapters the investment opportunities available, especially in the industrial sector in different areas, where we can achieve international industrial partnerships that benefit Iraq and international companies wishing to partner in the work within Country".

He pointed out that "the experiments of industrial production in cars, electricity, batteries and petrochemicals proved a success that needs to be strengthened, and this is possible in light of the availability of the elements of the promotion of industrial production, and this represents the most attention to the international effort and developed and provide the country."

Firm Companies

The representative of the smart card company said on the sidelines of the forum that "in light of the evolution of payment methods and financial transactions can attract attractive companies, which have a positive role in the world."

He explained that "the development of payment systems in Iraq has become an important necessity and this is what is continuing to work on the adoption in the coming period, as everyone knows that the requirements for the development of economic activity requires the adoption of the best global systems and harmony with her".

Secretary General of the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sami Kashkul stressed that "the presence of such a large number of international companies in Iraq, a proof of the importance of Iraq on tourism international economy," pointing out that

"the Chamber continues its work in proximity to the international effort to work in Iraq and open the horizons of investment New in all its joints".

"We have noticed an international desire to be within Iraq's promising work and enjoy the presence of major international companies," he said.

Serious work

Economist Akil Nouri pointed out that "the past few days have seen the interaction of Iraq with major international companies in the financial sector, and today in the forum we found major international and regional companies have serious work in Iraq."

"The workforce in Iraq has a good education, with 21 percent of the population being middle school graduates and colleges and 14 percent of those with technical and academic qualifications. Iraq is rich in specific assignments such as engineering, medicine and agriculture, as well as a large number of people Management skills and organizations".

"There are investment needs in all sectors of the Iraqi economy where the Iraqi government has offered hundreds of investment opportunities in various sectors including construction, industry, agriculture, tourism, housing, communications and health care, and most of these investments are available and more communication can be obtained through Contact the National Investment Commission (NIA) the unmet needs of the diverse domestic market".

Competitive costs

The head of the Iraqi economic council Saudi Firas al-Hamdani stressed that "Iraq's strategic location and population and competitive cost prices in it makes it a distinct location for export to the region and the world, especially as we know that most of the goods sold in Iraq today are imported goods, which shows that the local Iraqi market Of 36 million people provide a clear margin for the production and sale of goods and services to provide import alternatives."

The head of the Iraqi-Indian Chamber of Commerce Mohammed Abdul Sattar stressed "the importance of investing in the international presence in Baghdad and extend the bridges of cooperation with these companies that have genuine desire to work in Iraq and can bring capital and advanced technologies that contribute to the real reconstruction of the whole joints of the economy," pointing out that

"The real integration between Iraq and the international effort begins with the existence of genuine desires to work in a country full of opportunities the work".

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