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Dr Mohamed Saleh appearance *: oil issue: view

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Dr Mohamed Saleh appearance *: oil issue: view

By د. مظهر محمد صالح
- Posted in 02/06/2017

First: the oil and the world

Since the United States turned as a source of crude oil in the past months it really demonstrated to the world that she's tremendous strength in innovation and technological innovation (particularly in the area of crude oil production from non-traditional sources such as shale oil becomes cheaper incautiously and rapidly as possible, which eventually added sources of very flexible on us oil supply movement at the time us energy strategy of continued work bHard and fast to acquire a map of the global market for crude oil and is looking to become the largest producer of crude oil in the world scales Federal Russia Saudi Arabia.

And note that the United States is dependent on an economic model of oligopoly, oligopoly mestizo is the double paradigm both in direct display awaltalb oils it is monopolistic and simultaneously.

And notice how khesat crude oil markets are especially consumer demand within the U.S. sphere of influence and its new oil sources of energy management after control of price movements from outside OPEC, adding to its capacity to influence the global supply of crude oil and is serious in the long run that's not oil revenues and financial trakmadtha source for large financial surpluses of the exporting countries outside the influence of the energy policy.

United States of America and United States markets or areas of influence.

We must rectify the oil exporting countries deficit stlgao'ha long stages into deep financial adjustments.

Either in the short term, the future oil market America future market has high potential to switch positions from short to long positions and vice versa within the reality of oil stocks for speculative purposes and are turning this oil supply from a low offer flexibility to display highly flexible about price, not to mention advertising nature of American influence real stocks on expectations the market price and make it more flexible fold.

And might expect in the medium term that decays so many sovereign wealth funds of oil-exporting countries which create rents past contracts and OPEC countries entering into raw material exporters clubs failures in third world maths exporting wealth and revenue loss of distinctiveness in generating high fiscal surpluses only rarely.

Accordingly I find valuable to collect producer cartel OPEC as influence in steady or stabilize the world oil market in the future unless the United States intervention itself (OPEC) member and finger a touching this He dropped right now!

Secondly: what does Iraq?

There's the evolution towards raising added value of collateral both gas awaltabiai and development of metallurgical industry capabilities and investments based on partnership between the State and the private sector.

And that ابتداءت really Basra gas company, review of oil fields development maps still continued, since Iraq is still within range of conventional oils producing the least expensive in the world, which constitute 50% of the crude oil producing capacity of traditional forfeiture, diversification of energy sources is the beginning of the road to a comprehensive economic diversification strategy for private sector development and investment promotionMar and address the problems of foreign investment in Iraq, particularly in the core projects, and strong in our economic is complex, which is the ninth country in the world in focus natural resources.

the political economy of peace Iraq are headed after the terror and human liberation and Earth in the coming period will be followed by a comprehensive reform strategy of primarily the development of partnership with the private sector or MaceMI Iraq 2030 that will ensure diverse economically when the private sector's contribution to GDP with oil of 37% at present to approximately 57% at year end.

With the availability of a competitive market system provider for social security in operation and warranty and financing and conduct business in establishing a system facilitates the establishment of companies, whether small or medium or large.

Base state and its will on social market economy, and ensuring State competitiveness and social justice.

(*) Agenda and financial adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister

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