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Under the auspices of President al-Jubouri, and under the slogan of civilization or Rabiein returned demolished by heroes

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Under the auspices of President al-Jubouri, and under the slogan of civilization or Rabiein returned demolished by heroes
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Under the auspices of President al-Jubouri, and under the slogan of civilization or Rabiein returned demolished by heroes

Parliamentary Bloc coalition forces set up a special for violations of terrorist Daesh and the sacrifices of the armed forces in the liberation operations gangs carnival

Ndmt bloc coalition forces under the auspices of the Iraqi Parliamentary Speaker of Parliament Mr. Salim al-Jubouri in the House of Representatives on Saturday 29/4/2017 a special report on violations Daesh terrorist gangs against the people of Nineveh and the sacrifices of the Iraqi armed forces in the liberation operations of carnival.

At the outset of the ceremony between the Chairman of the House of Representatives, Mr. Salim al-Jubouri, in his speech at the ceremony, which was held in the House of Representatives that we are facing the last minute of the battle of Mosul, when the enemy feels imminent defeat through executions practiced by the isolation and systematic starvation sign daily dozens of victims civilians to prevent our victory.

President al-Jubouri, and stressed the need to take the risk of being trapped civilians in Mosul into consideration and work seriously by the executive authorities and security forces to direct the delivery of air food and sufficient quantities on the besieged areas in Ayman al-Mosul and overcome the idea of ​​fears of falling but terrorism, what will of which parents will be enough to save the hungry of the civilian hostages from destruction.

He said the President of the House of Representatives that the authorities Atidah responsible for saving the lives of civilians from hunger in the battlefield, and we call for the initiative in carrying national and humanitarian responsibilities.

He refused to Dr. al-Jubouri, no transgression carried out by any country affect Iraqi sovereignty and violates the sanctity of our borders, in addition to rejecting all the manifestation of the presence of terrorist movements and armed groups outside the law, adding that the violation of sovereignty is not less dangerous than terrorism we have said previously that we are accepting any support from any state to support us in the battle of terrorism in accordance with legal frameworks and through coordination with the Iraqi government.

He praised the House courage of our armed forces in all its formations indicating that it is making progress qualitatively important in the battles against terrorism and win professionally making terrorism loses its ability to maintain its capabilities, calling the internal security forces, intelligence and intelligence to make a qualitative effort to monitor the enemy's plans and thwart a proactive and protect innocents civilians of criminality.

For his part, Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives, Mr. Iaram Sheikh Mohammed in his condolences to the family and with the martyr commander of the brigade eighteenth in the fifth division federal police (Colonel Khudair Wadi Abd al-Mahdi), who recounted his blood pure right coast of the city of Mosul and the martyr Mujahid Media Haider al-Mayahi and all the martyrs Iraq, wishing their parents Alsbero martyrs and fortitude of mercy.

He added Deputy Speaker Iaram Sheikh Mohammed said the establishment of this ceremony was keen everyone to support both defended guide and contributed to the liberation of Nineveh province operations, indicating that despite the difference and agreement between us in some things, but there are those who are sacrificing their lives to liberate the land and as much as the size of the sacrifices we have politicians to unite to rebuild Iraq and restore the displaced and support all government departments and Almasssat in the liberated areas in order to re-work in which to provide services to citizens.

He said Sheikh Mohammed, the chant slogans are not sufficient, but must reaffirm our support actor Kprlman and the federal government of the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga forces and all other security forces to contribute to the liberation of Nineveh battles, adding that followed positive steps to prepare for after Daesh and finding political solutions to manage those areas completely after the end of editing, pointing to the hands that contributed to the liberation of the homeland Daesh will not hold back in to contribute to rebuilding the liberated areas.

He called on the Vice-Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Federal Government to pay the dues of the Peshmerga formations similar to their counterparts from other Iraqi armed forces as part of the security system in Iraq.

In turn, First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Hamoudi said in his speech on behalf of MP Ahmad al-Asadi said the co-existence on the land of Iraq, has continued for hundreds of centuries and insisted Iraqis on the continuation of this coexistence again on the land or Rabiein where he crawled Iraqis from all southern provinces and northern sacrificing Balgali and precious in order to give her a third-year-old is the spring of liberation.

He said Daesh March the ugliest kinds of murder and torture against the people of Nineveh and this requires us more responsibility, stressing the continuation of all armed forces in all denominations momentum battle victories, praising the great role played by the Iraqi armed forces sons to preserve the lives and property of civilians in combat zones, noting that the promise of good to liberate all the land of Nineveh has become close, especially after the liberation of the urban and spend his city and the ancient villages of him.

For his part, the price of the head of the coalition forces of Iraqi MP Ahmed Massari the great sacrifices made by the Iraqi army and all other security forces in all denominations as a witness to the greatness of the Iraqis to defend their unity, security and independence.

The MP added Massari that the targeting of the city of Mosul by terrorists Altkveareran was not arbitrary, but the greatness of this city over the centuries the city of prophets and saints, indicating that the forces of evil and behind the enemies of Iraq will not attain the greatness of the city of spears and will start the promise of victory is achieved demolished by Iraqis of all factions, to tell a story loving people of their land and homeland.

The celebration included the opening of a photo exhibition and a documentary film describing the early hours of the fall of Mosul in the hands of extremist groups and what happened after the liberation of operations by our armed forces in addition to the suffering of the displaced in the displacement camps.

For their part, the price of activists and media professionals from the province of Nineveh Championship and the courage of the Iraqi security forces and their keenness on the lives of citizens in the areas of fighting, calling for federal and local government to make more efforts to aid displaced people in displacement camps, the suffering of those camps a great shortage of food and essential medicines.

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Iraqi Council of Representatives


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