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Integrity: Prevent the travel of 400 officials, including ministers and deputies present

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Integrity: Prevent the travel of 400 officials, including ministers and deputies present

Integrity: Prevent the travel of 400 officials, including ministers and deputies present
Last updated: 10 April 2017 - 1:07 PM
BAGHDAD / The head of the Integrity Commission, Hassan al-Yasiri, on Monday denied the travel of 400 officials, including ministers and deputies present on charges of corruption, while referring to the referral of senior officials to the judiciary because of their refusal to disclose financial liabilities. "We have sent a formal letter to the Council of Ministers, which includes the Commission's intention to take the maximum legal action against the officials who are behind the law," Yasiri said. The disclosure of financial liabilities, and after that has been referred many of the senior officials to the judiciary on charges of non-disclosure of their receivables, and also submitted a proposal to the Prime Minister includes the salary cut the official who does not disclose his financial debt, "adding," As for the response of officials, The Council of Ministers and the Presidency of the Republic T to one hundred percent, but in the House of Representatives reached 49 percent. " "For the first time in the history of Iraq, the deputies of the Prime Minister, some deputies, governors and members of the provincial councils have been referred to the judiciary because of the inflated money and after It is strange that these people do not speak to the media about their issues that have been referred to the judiciary, but they are talking in inaccurate terms in order to fight the body and mix the papers. "

He pointed out that "the commitment of the Commission to the legal framework, and not to reveal names before the end of the investigation, comes for the safety of investigations and access to the full truth, and this commitment was exploited by some to abuse the body. An example of this, that one of the officials suddenly began to attack the body, I was surprised by this new position of the official, but after inquiring from the investigations department in the body, it turned out that the son of this official was involved in a corruption case involving the falsification of an instrument in excess of six billion dinars. Once an investigation was opened, "He said.

He added that "there is a provision in the law of the body that allows it to take any action it deems appropriate to combat corruption, and on the basis of that, the Commission issued a decision to prevent officials accused of corruption allegations of travel, the body included 400 officials, including ministers and deputies present, and thanks to this decision began The judiciary is witnessing a large movement was resolved many of the outstanding issues. "

He explained that "there is a big problem facing the Commission, including not knowing much of its functions, since most observers do not differentiate between the work of the Commission on the one hand and the judiciary on the other. The Commission under the law investigatory body performs files of corruption and sends to the judiciary, The Commission has considered over the past period in 12 thousand cases and referred to the judiciary nearly 9 thousand cases, and the delay that must be asked by the judiciary, and in spite of that the Commission did not leave the cases in arrears, always directed Inquiries to the judiciary regarding this. One of the most prominent reasons for the delay in the arrest And the file is sent to the judiciary, which may not take a quick action to resolve it, as the ministry asks the accused minister to open an administrative investigation on the case, and as is known, the ministry can not A transparent investigation of fear of the minister, which makes the case neglected or respond, and some issues sent to the Office of Financial Supervision for the audit may delay this matter months, and thus contribute to delay the resolution of cases.

"One of the deputies at the current session spoke of sending more than 18,000 cases of corruption to the Commission. This is inaccurate, and after the inquiry, it was found that the number of cases sent by him does not exceed 44 cases and was not the reason for the referral of integrity," said Yasiri.

"There is an urgent need for new legislation to strengthen the fight against corruption. In the fight against corruption there is an urgent need to review or amend some laws, in addition to enacting new laws, so we have made 2016 a legislative revolution. Some of which were sent to parliament and others were sent to the government. Among these projects, the draft law on the protection of witnesses, experts, informants and victims, the draft law on the right to access information, in addition to the draft amendment of the Code of Criminal Procedure, As well as modification The draft law of the accountability and justice, but there is a significant delay in the House of Representatives, in relation to legislation or amend some of the laws sent by the Commission.

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