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The Iraqi Trade Bank announces a product certificate of deposit (deserve)

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The Iraqi Trade Bank announces a product certificate of deposit (deserve)


The Iraqi Trade Bank Department (TBI), on Tuesday, launching a product named deposit certificate (merit) value (500 000), and confirmed the existence of monthly and yearly awards value similar to participate in product.

Bank Manager said Faisal alhims, at a press conference held in downtown Baghdad hunting Club, his presence (range): with the approval of the Central Bank, called the Iraqi bank certificate of deposit (merit), the value of 500 000 per deposit ", stating that

"the objective of the idea of encouraging citizens to deposit their money in banks and restore confidence, establish credibility and values of integrity and quality."

Alhims said that "there are strategies developed for successful certificate (merit), to preserve the integrity of any breaches or rigging, where work on the locked procedures such as watermarks on Iraqi currency," adding that

"the point of the contest is to encourage people to enter the world of investing and protecting their money from theft."

Alhims pointed to the Iraqi bank, Commerce, presented so far (2195) certificate, throughout the cities of the country ", noting that" the Bank prepare monthly and annual prizes worth up to monthly Prize (10 million dinars), whereas biannual Prize to (40 million Iraqi dinars), annual award up to (100 million Iraqi dinars), "pointing out that" drag day 4 next April, according to the serial number of the certificate.

The head of the Iraqi Trade Bank, the Bank worked to settle transactions electronically, in keeping with the directives of the Central Government and Central Bank ", noting that

"the Bank till now, provides a formal institution 16 salaries across the road, and we strive to be a paradigm shift in the work of the Bank".

Retail banking Manager, said the Iraqi Trade Bank, nice firm, that "our goal of this product is to encourage deposit in banks, in order to serve the individual and practised his dealings over banking outlets", stating that

"the filing mechanism for product (deserving) is bringing out the official documents or national card, with a deposit (500 000) to obtain a certificate of deposit," indicating that the product would be withdrawn "Central".

In turn, Central Bank Adviser, said Waleed Idi Amin, to "a legal certificate of deposit", stating that

"this is the first initiative in Iraq, launched by the Iraqi Trade Bank, by setting up a company to guarantee the deposits and protect the funds of citizens".

IDI revealed, "Central Bank's intention to raise the proportion of financial liquidity to create competition between different banks, which will positively to the banking sector in the country,"

indicating that the percentage of dealers with banks of citizens of 12% of the total 23 million Iraqi citizens, according to the statistics of the Ministry of planning.

Central Bank adviser said, "create joint lending bank, participated in both the trade and banking Fund Mesopotamia,"

pointing to the "other initiatives for the development of the financial market."



Thank you ikea, here is another source:


TBI launches new producer certificate of deposit (deserve)

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Director-General of the Iraqi Trade Bank Alheims Faisal announced that the 2195 testimony was launched in within a week reached amounts to one billion and 106 million dinars and is expected to double the amount with the first near a Shbh in 04/04/2017.
Alheims said, that the aim of this product is to attract banking liquidity chunky in homes to the banks in order to invest and to encourage citizens to save and restore confidence between the citizen and the banks.
He added that this certificate has launched with the approval and blessing of the Iraqi Central Bank and is guaranteed payment at the moment of the citizen request to withdraw amounts.
For his part, he praised the Iraqi Central Bank adviser to the great efforts of the Iraqi Bank of Commerce and the strength of the confidence that win on the external and internal levels.
He stressed that the central bank takes care aimed at diversifying banking services serve the citizen initiatives ..
Then replied, director general of the Iraqi Trade Bank to reporters' questions, and satellite channels for banking activities provided by the bank ..
It should be noted that the advantages of a certificate of deposit that amount of 500,000 dinars, the inclusion of the certificate holder drag monthly for $ 10 million dinars per month and 40 million dinars for the health of the semi-annual and 100 million dinars for the annual withdrawal.

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