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Economic vision beyond recovered Iraqi dinar

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Economic vision beyond recovered Iraqi dinar

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Samir Al Nassiri

The CBI has issued a press release that the slight decline in the dollar against the Iraqi dinar was from alriisih causes new regulatory actions used to regulate currency and sell window sizing intermediaries and speculators

adding to the commitment and cooperation of private banks with the Central Bank and the supporting role played by the Iraqi private banks Association urging banks departments need to support Central Bank orientations in the national economy

and harnessing the potential of private banks in the central goal is to work on the Iraqi dinar recovered and lifted Walshraier monetary value against the US dollar

and is not run Popular street and economic running now and what's going on now is the discussion and varying political, security and humanitarian in the Cabinet and the House of representatives and stakeholders is the subject edit connector what visions and directions after the decisive victory and Liberation of all occupied lands wetathirat that the reality experienced by Iraq at the moment is how to bypass security, economic and financial crisis afflicting more than two years because of low oil prices on the world market and the costs of the war on terror.

Moreover, this is important, the lack of an economic approach and clear objectives and features of economic strategy and not to involve the private sector in the management of the economy and the weakness of support and assistance for his contribution to the diversification of non-oil budget resources and transition the economy from rent to alantaagi.

That which is important in all this is what (the vision of economic reform after liberation and expel terror nhaiia) in terms of coordination between monetary and fiscal policy walstarh money market balance and to achieve the goal of recovered Iraqi dinar and the reflection that the economic reform and thus diversify budget resources and making use of loans and grants and international assistance in the reconstruction of the liberated towns, activate and stimulate private pain Morphological and productive

and encouraged to contribute with the Government in implementing its plans as well as human resources to remove the effects of the war on terror and low world oil prices and the Government and the people's suffering and displaced persons crises and optimization of variables and openness in international relations and Arabic toward Concordes after ascertaining that Iraq needs to come from complex economic and security crisis and examine the reality of the Iraqi economy during the years (2014-2016) as well as draw new economic vision and strategy for the next five-year economic reform after the liberation of all occupied lands specifically for years (2017-2021)

with Taking into account the expectations of higher oil prices during the second half of the year 2017 and therefore believe that the overall vision of the reform agenda of next phase as follows:-

1. allocate 50 percent of customizations that were appropriate to the costs of the war on terror for the reconstruction of the liberated areas add to the reconstruction fund allocations and international grants allocated to this objective.

2. establishing a competent body or a large institution to finance small and medium-sized enterprises and banking system for cooperation and coordination with them under the supervision of the Central Bank and the Association of banks in collaboration with the ministries of planning and development cooperation, agriculture, industry and finance to lay the foundations and operational mechanisms for the application in the liberated provinces to achieve the goal of rehabilitation of young people and particularly graduates of these provinces to establish small and medium-sized businesses to convert from unemployed to producers and converted from desparate to researchers hope their contribution in building the national economy.

3. allocation of IMF loans, banks and financial institutions will get Iraq for the next three years to establish industrial zones and large agricultural projects support the contribution of the private sector and young graduates with the aim of diversifying its oil resources.

4. review the legislative environment laws which regulate economic operation and especially investment laws, banks and the Central Bank and stock market and record companies to tax accounting and lending guarantees required of entrepreneurs and the mechanism of payment entitlements.

5. develop and operationalize and implement the Government's plans in e-government applications and proactive control and limiting administrative and financial corruption.

6. activate the Cabinet decision to establish a deposit insurance corporation, which was the purpose of founding restore public confidence in the Iraqi banking sector confidence and increase the proportion of savings in banks instead of compactness in the houses and the effects on citizens in the funds' contribution to sustainable development and urged the Government and private banks are obliged to contribute to this company.

7. structural and institutional reconstruction of economics development platform and infrastructure to manage the economy and is the Supreme Council for economic reform and the adoption of the draft law submitted three years ago and didn't approve of the House of representatives and the National Provident Fund or the sovereign Fund of saving for non-oil resources and oil collection the surplus planned sale rates in the annual budgets as well as establishing the national investment and commercial contracts and withdraw all contractual terms granted to ministries.

8. the establishment of the National Council for ages instead of the current housing fund and a Fund for the reconstruction of cities liberated from ISIS and is studying the economic feasibility of all large investment projects and infrastructure projects from the provinces and monitor audit and holds her customizations monitoring and evaluation.

9. the establishment of the National Centre for rehabilitation and human resources distribution and specializes on rehabilitation and training graduates and allocated to rehabilitation centres and public and private training by centrally appointed State ministries and private sector projects and the requirements of the economic development plan and budget

10. establish national centre for consultancy and strategic studies to attract all the Iraqi competencies and experience at home and abroad for the purpose of assisting government institutions and the private sector in technical and administrative leadership (techno carats) to manage all State institutions without allocating and harmonious.

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