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Bond and focus activation of national economy

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Bond and focus activation of national economy

12/12/2016 12:00 am

Activating the role of the private sector and give it a real role in the management of national economy represents an important hub for Economic Affairs concerned with the public and private sectors and stands out through the joint debate between the parties who took repeated recently to reach positive results go to the economy to safety.

ECOSOC Symposium addressed the Iraqi people the reality of promotion of the private sector through several stages starting to accelerate completion of government bonds that represent an important step to activate the movement of cash within the country and the General Federal budget.

Council President Ibrahim bagdadi stressed the importance of the practical life of Iraqi contractor accelerate bonds, pointing out that it contributes greatly to the revival of the local labour market in the country, noting that he supports the reality of liquidity.

The communication with the relevant authorities the most intense for the promotion of the private sector and securing his dues, pointing to communicate with the parliamentary Finance Committee to discuss important points in next year's budget which was approved recently.

Acceptance of the Economist

Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham Al-juboori said the parliamentary Finance Committee had a major role in approving the budget for 2017 and is the best we can out of an economic and acceptance of some texts and that its copying was where the first step to expand certain points where there was a productive meeting with businessmen of the Iraqi Council and the Federation of industrialists and businessmen and Iraqi contractors and Iraqi Institute for economic reform, had been listening to the thoughts that spin on top of something to put in the budget.

Assured great effort to get political blocs compatibility to meet requests from provinces note that there is considerable pressure and without a real study of the Iraqi crisis but reached the final after continuing efforts.

Development projects

He noted that after meeting with the Prime Minister and the Government was capping private sector credit by the Government to borrow and for development projects, the Government must ensure that the private sector and we have a lot of companies have partnered with the private sector, but the customs authority and demanded it pay tax and customs payments Taxes.

And an exemption for raw materials and components imported for the purpose of making the work with corporate productivity and give priority to ministries that purchase products for the private sector as the public sector.

And the law on the protection of the domestic producer said: we asked the Commerce Department to schedule import for the purpose of preventing the import of materials similar to the domestic producer, pointing to give the Mayor and Governor power to take steps to engage with the private sector and provincial Council approval only business members and contractors who have money when the State of delay penalties and that existed in the years 2015 and 2016, and this year we gave legislative cover by the House.

Digits customizations

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment Abdul Karim: the Commission on economy and investment have played a prominent role in the establishment of the parliamentary Finance Committee consider their financial angle while looking at it from another angle, investment Committee stressing study financial allocations and numbers compared with the resources for this budget in order to move the Iraqi economy so that tends to grow and achieve optimal resource independence, for example in the financial crisis and the State of the country's austerity while striving to increase non-oil revenue and encourage the private sector Mixed private and public is nothing new to say: that the private sector an important pillar of the economy.

Head of the Office of financial supervision. Salah Nouri, said that there was interest from the Iraqi Government contractors and receivables that have obligations and agreements with the IMF for deficit budgets for the next three years 2017 and 2018 and 2019 under obligations shows how serious Iraqi Government in payments to contractors and farmers have started to give loans to Iraq and had paid their dues of contractors and farmers after a detailed audit by the Office of financial supervision checked 6757 treatment dues of contractors (alzerah) and 2115 treatment has been completed in All provinces and alerting the Ministry of planning.

The idea of bonds

Central Bank Adviser spoke Walid Idi alluding to the Central Bank, which has that idea is financed by bonds and supervises its implementation by three Government banks, the Central Bank is ready to the cadres were assigned to this topic, I will not be late to have any treatment, but will be if bond exchange lists all smooth and easy And transparency

Prime contractors Union Karbala araji soul wondered about the remaining dues payment parameters in 2017 in cash rather than bonds because bonds since 6 months unfinished and had asked the Finance Ministry to an urgent push to develop contractors has reached a critical stage, and demanded the inclusion of development projects with tax exemption.

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