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More young Iraq're billionaires. Government unaware of sources of finance them

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More young Iraq're billionaires. Government unaware of sources of finance them


JD/Abbas the traveler/.
Says Hanna batatu in his famous "Iraq" that the families that owned the million Iraqi dinars before 1958 and is the history of the revolution and overthrow and the establishment of the first Republic, not more than the fingers of one hand in Iraq, the number of those families who have become very rich after the earlier incident the Jews increased slightly.

Scientific references not applicable in any case, most of the wealthy in the country, especially after 2003 and the overthrow of the dictatorial regime and come up with new federal democratic governance, where chaos and lawlessness and control afforded to high mestoit and distribute wealth in the hands of young people under 40 years of age,

the wealth of appreciates billions and more ignorant government organizations sources and how the ways in which collected, is of legitimate or illegitimate, while former dealers have no labour market Quarter shares of these young people, and appreciate these dealers and their schooling to trade these young ages or more.

Due to some financial affairs specialists that do not realistically taxation or the lack of accurate records of impartial government institutions make it mysterious and vague phenomenon in the country's economic situation, analysts, as well as open trade market in front of everyone without identification cards to each trader and the trading portfolio and its invested funds by missed field in fact.

Abu Mustafa "39 years" says wonder of the phenomenon and the secrets that lie behind them, as there are some very young young trade, if I divide the age observing trade doesn't come out with more than 5 to 6 years and this doesn't agree with that owned him money,

adds Iwo Guy: Mustafa hasn't aged 30 years in our fortune billion dinars, so it works in selling construction materials, not a single sentence, suddenly stepped up big where it started.

Purchase a set of properties in our real estate strategy and are all typical with shops and owns more than a structural material, it is baffling that he separated from his father and set up shop yet seemed modest trading for himself something special, if we assume that during this brief period of 4 years maximum that this young man he gets each month on 15 million won, he couldn't gather this wealth that fictional is for his age and the nature of his work.

Those sources are varied and rich Arab world and vary from person to person, and not limited to a specific job, invest in real estate and television stations to arms factories and aircraft industry, ships and cars of all types to invest in beauty salons. Chop these sources of tax evasion.

As for the rich Iraq it prosecute most corrupted files and embezzlement and sources connected with terrorist and other armed groups and obtaining funds from overseas countries to carry out subversive acts aumna the formation of the Government, nor those of the wealthy Gloucester on the base of a rich family or Government salary but most of them work in business and contracting and in buying and selling real estate, medical and pharmaceutical supply business from outside the country.

More government officials reluctant to disclose financial disclosure statement before entering the Government, while and leaving the Government despite the eagerness of the integrity of the application of this law to all staff ranging from Presidents, Parliament, Ministers and members of Parliament and provincial councils and Ministers and the directors and Deputy Ministers and heads of independent bodies linked to the premiership.

Recall that the institution Merrill Leach "almstkolah issued a report which pointed to an increase in the proportion of rich since 2004 to 8.2%.

The United States has been the most fortunate in the new millionaires globally, reaching to more than 2.8 million millionaire wealth estimated total $9.3 trillion. And grew rich in the United States was 9.9%, while Europe was where the wealthy increase by 4% due to the high taxes that impeded the accumulation of wealth.

"Merrill Lynch" that last year was fantastic for wealthy Arabs, bringing their number to more than 53 thousand millionaires in 2004 have estimated total Fortune 174.5 billion dollars, while in years past the limits of 148 billion.

Either rich Middle East that altogether 58 reaches a millionaire have a fortune estimated at $1 trillion. And that basically adopted by Merrill Leach "to determine the new rich is to reach one million dollars worth of investments without the drug.

It issued "a technological allegiance bblshingh English list of rich Arabs 50, 138 wealth amounted to $1 billion equivalent (517 billion), equivalent to the monthly income of 200 million Arabs, according to the average monthly income of the Arab 600 dollars a month.

Billionaires has arrange top wealthy Arabs or their families, aged 16.

And this list was highly critical of the lack of accuracy in classification of the wealthy, rather than the absence of a lot of rich Arabs are not included, for several reasons including their disclosure.

Women and men participated in recording the highest number of wealth came the UAE "Shammah Mehairbi" first place for Arab businesswomen who decided to enter the business world through trade and market dates, as they see that Emirati women no less efficiently than men, women are largely succeeded, despite being a working school, but I decided to try the trade dates of our famous Arabic.

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