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Successful steps to promote agricultural realities as nutritionally and economically secure

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Successful steps to promote agricultural realities as nutritionally and economically secure

16/6/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad Worley confident

Studies show that food production in Iraq has deteriorated for decades due to its dependence on imported food products with more than 10 percent of the needs of the market in some crops, as Iraq loses annually 100 thousand dunams of arable area due to various problems in the agricultural sector, many years and we are not positive impact agriculture country and merely importing vegetables, fruit, meat and fish from the outside even longer economic crisis economy of Iraq warning began after a drop in oil prices which depends The country's economy, today began a concerted effort in earnest for the promotion industry and agriculture to meet the requirements of local and imported reduction need to absorb unemployment and boosting the national economy.

Agriculture rising oil

Technical agent for the Department of agriculture Dr Mahdi Ligature Qaisi between the Ministry prepared plans for the development of the agricultural sector and make it a source of the Iraqi economy, noting that the Ministry started major crops of wheat, barley, maize, since we began providing support for these crops through combat jungle free wheat support mechanization, as well as increasing the dosage of fertilizers and reduce their prices, pointing to the long support seed prices by 80 percent since bear this Ministry is for the farmer 20 percent only and the irrigation system by 50 percent. Wheat farms, as well as two first national program for development of wheat in Iraq that summed up his mission to pursue farming field with ploughman and chose senior seeds for planting, and launch the program when the seeds of the senior assignment national programme during the year Current.

And there are many indications Qaisi adds Ministry emphasizes increased production, mission «increase productivity per unit area (yield)», explaining: seeking to increase yield we with agricultural concept relying on vertical farming for lack of agricultural land as a result of desertification and salinization that swept the territory in southern Iraq, instead cultivating 3 acres one-is to legalize the cultivation of water and mechanization, fertilizers used and other needs, stressing that the Ministry has succeeded this year expect good of her blessing until reach self-sufficiency in wheat crop As President of food crop security Diet.

He touched the Undersecretary for vegetable crops affected by development, lending to farmers without interest within agricultural initiative under which a decision was issued to prevent import 12 single Khader having self within local product this is a positive indicator on the growth of the sector Agrarian.

And no! not differ much in the development of the fish sector, spread out the cages and cultivated in the riverbed caused an increase in fish production after the Ministry provided the peasants with primitives necessary for fish farming, as well as developing programs for livestock and provide necessary veterinary treatments and vaccines For their growth.

However, Al-Qaisi said the main focus which assumes that we're talking about is an agricultural investment is needed to raise capital, be insufficient to resolve the State's financial problems «agriculture is a permanent oil must Develop».

And on the proportion of the projected increase in the agricultural sector between the Qaysi: that the agricultural sector is different from other sectors dealing with organisms and unforeseen environmental conditions, as well as the security aspects and the attribution by the ministries of industry and trade, transport, energy and water resources all affect the agricultural sector negatively and positively, and we can't confirm whether dependants growth levels, pointing out that as the Ministry of planning but there are parameters for outside The will.

Plans on paper.

«Agriculture and industry are the tributaries of the real economy of any country in this talk started farming associations Federation President Hasan Tamimi, sorry that the Ministry has not so far provided real projects for the development of the agricultural sector, have seen there an integrated plan for the development process, we as a Union of agricultural associations and through correspondence with the Prime Minister's Office were able to succeed in the agricultural sector reform group leadership which was approved by the Board Ministers.

And actually it was agreed a lot of points that contribute to real and effective process of developing this sector that suffered neglect over the years, but sadly there's reluctance to implement reforms of some ministries, pointing out that "there were keen and real intentions to develop the agricultural sector, it must implement those decisions he is able to fulfil its responsibilities and to have a real source for the General State budget, any country in the world if it can't have food security safe A patriot.

Turning we suffer from flooding the market with imported agricultural products from neighboring countries which adversely affected agricultural and peasant movement, leading to decreased agricultural and patches the reluctance of some peasants from their work, for example in Zubair in Basra there were over 4000 tomato crop farm stay now only 1100, this indicates the alarm signals of the need to protect agricultural product which neglect will leave Earth and then rising salinity and most importantly the loss of the Iraqi economy, recalling the decrease Great harvest of wheat this year after the expectations were count to reach 4 million tons, but in reality didn't get to more than one million and 600 thousand tons so far, while last year we were able to harvest more than 3 million and 300, 000 tons, this indicates a lack of proper plans, as well as the reluctance of the Ministry of Commerce recognizes the negative impact on crop Marketing.

Tamimi reviewed highlights of the items that have been established in agreement with the Prime Minister's Office to develop the agricultural realities and rework law 117 which is poor code and protect Iraqi product and activate its role fully, and agricultural associations the right to control the market, as well as taxation of agricultural product inside Iraq by 50 percent and put this money in funds to support the farmer and agriculture in Iraq, and that's not the import process exclusively for the Department of agriculture but allow for the private sector and other items, but didn't apply any So far, noting that we need real economic revolution "and tough decisions must be taken against those disrupting agricultural reforms or trying it according
The law».

Investment to support agriculture

Attorney Farid El-Ibrahimi, Member of Committee on agriculture, water resources and parliamentary Marsh: that the State is organised according to the laws of an old farm dating to the 1950s, stressing that what works in that time can't be successful at the moment, the situation now is different from the former, indicating that the development of the reality of agriculture to supplement the economy currently needs to enter the investment in the agricultural sector as not being of modern mechanisms and sophisticated thinking sustainability companies, especially as we have millions of hectares.

Ibrahimi tracks currently being talked with specialists and administrators on companies that came to Iraq to develop reality of agriculture investments, pointing out that investing in Iraq but little rush on, noting: there's a large directed towards agriculture in current time and remarkably, asserting it is Iraq's economy main stream and not oil, especially we in the country has plenty of farmland and ingredient that encourages Agriculture.

Plans to improve agriculture.

Economic researcher Dr Kristina: the agricultural sector plays an important role in the food security of the country and absorb the unemployed workforce, noting that the Government can promote this sector to provide electric power and improve water resources needed for watering plants or fish, as well as addressing the problem of imports of agricultural products. Hussein confirmed that our economy is that the listener is over 90 percent dependent on oil revenues and to revive our economy must be the development of other vital sectors of the economy to rising GDP contribution rates enabling them to reduce the contribution of oil in the general budget and promote agriculture and industry resources.

Explains: to promote the agricultural sector must encourage partnerships with local and foreign investors, and support for small and medium-sized enterprises and give them soft loans as well as the promotion of agricultural production, livestock and supplies and effective treatments for fields and farms to increase production and maintenance of irrigation water needs have not been watered, supporting export-oriented agricultural products and improving the quality of seeds and ensure State for promotional purchase prices of agricultural crops Local.

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