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Planning and logistics they keep away from Iraq crisis economy

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Planning and logistics they keep away from Iraq crisis economy

23/6/2016 12:00 am
Ali Hassan Al-Fawaz

It seems that the rentier economy bet would persist amid the complexities of search (neighbouring economies) and Dolly, that bet will be identified and indefinitely by his predecessor as oil field opened by official authorities to deal with the deficit that occurs here or there, which was confirmed by the Prime Minister invited the Ministry of oil to supplement the oil projects are economically feasible given confirmation of this, which doesn't contribute to the perpetuation of oil production and increased export rates only, but for all projects with a strategic dimension, including the extraction of natural gas, Dry gas and hydrocarbon projects.

The complexities of Iraqi economic problem is not new, but are part of an ancient accumulation in the structures, of massive and indiscriminate spending of national resources by successive wars, walazma and the challenges of terrorism and to meet the needs of the military and security services, as well as inflation of corruption and money laundering and the absence of oversight and strict laws regarding financial and banking areas.

Premier days before with a number of agents and general managers in the Ministry of oil comes in the context of reducing the severity of the crisis, inflation and the need to search for the operational mechanisms for the formulation of realistic investment mapping directions and doable in natural gas portfolio, which in essence means to maximize State resources, to address the imbalance in the economic system in General.

Plans and projects

Major economies are linked today with planning and logistics insurance that would pay them to represent realities, with talk of the absence of special walstratigiat plans feature to talk about problems of the economic crisis,

which is what the essence of Hadith touched him during his meeting with Prime Minister, to consider the work of the Ministry and the reality of the oil sector in particular, shoving towards addressing the structural imbalance in energy development projects, particularly that Iraq is wasting approximately ten million dollars per day of gas, as well as spending on what is imported from This article from Iran, huge webakiam a huge impact on the national budget.

monitoring of these problems means making a planning basis energy projects to boost investment in this sector, because it is one of the most important projects involving feasibility programs, as well as projects involving complementary industries and projects relating to the work of other ministries, including electricity projects and urban construction projects, reluctant and par excellence in Baghdad and other governorates that suffer terrible negligence in investment, construction, electricity in particular.

To link the oil crisis economic crisis reveals serious facts about Iraq delayed problems in utilization of energy, and this energy economics organization, away from national potential and capabilities to meet investment needs, and not to read the map of competition between States in this area, as the oil market to market for the clash of wills and policies and energies, reflected on the natures of international conflict, and even on the international oil and regional institutions such as Ministry decisions & declarations OPEC.

Economic priorities

Live Iraq war economy par excellence, and this not be reversed to meet entitlements this war against terrorism, and to strengthen the internal front and meet the needs of the military, as well as civil institutions and find economic priorities requires inter m actions within the context of the revitalization of the economic process, and face the repercussions of rentier economy crisis, notable among these priorities expand investment area in the energy sector itself To activate resources to other sectors, and the investment sector review requires addressing the distortions in its institutions and rules and procedures, and reset the import process and reduce waste in hard currency, according to the wizards within secure peer economies, control it and take steps to activate the deterrent accountancy abusers.

encouraging private sector and export sector within the framework of easing playEconomic and budget will open new perspectives contribute to the overall development-industrial and agricultural and tourism-and in meeting the challenges of the war economy, and reconsider all manifestations (failure) Iraq's economy since 2003, reflected on the areas of social development and urbanization, agriculture and tourism, and walmdini can link these areas (economy of abundance), which presupposes the existence of plans, programmes and projects of absorbing its facts, adhere to its contexts, including protective legal contexts, ranging from spending restraint, control over financial and banking policies, and rational use Adopting a policy of foreign loans, as these loans processing in real economic deficits, but the future will impact the national economy itself.

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