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Statement chieftains Iraq meeting

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Statement chieftains Iraq meeting
April 12, 2016

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
In a matter is examined by the will of all Iraqis, direction of what is happening in the Iraqi political arena, and after thirteen years of building the political process and Macabha setbacks and tremors.
In contrast, carried out the patience of the masses and loud voices demanding reform and evaluate the political process and the return to the national loyalty and leave the loyalty of components and reclusion in the trenches quotas abhorrent and so were demonstrations and sit-ins were so.
So the tribes and clans owners of the land and inheritance in history and the depth of its responsibility as an ethical and social fatherhood for all
Paternity / convoys of martyrs, orphans and widows, the sick and displaced people and migrants and hungry and at the same time we paternity / components and those in power, parties and blocs and paternity demonstrators and protesters and patient
And in response to appeals and the urgency of the masses of the finest of tribal leaders and tribal sheikhs and all Iraqi ethnic components and areas on the need for deliberation and emergency meeting and it was this meeting held on Monday, 04.11.2016 in the House of Representatives and the organizing committee clans parliamentary building was recommended by participants inspired guidance references wise and aspirations of the demonstrators The protesters and meet national duty. As follows :
1 need to preserve the prestige of the state and the maintenance of order and impose the rule of law and the protection of citizens and their property, and hunt down the criminals and the implementation of judicial decisions
2 need to implement the demands of the demonstrators and protesters in the overall real radical reforms for all aspects of the state and in accordance with the specific timeframe claim the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs to work hard to open corruption and accountability of the corrupt and the return of public money and the rejection of quotas and make sweeping reforms immediate and concrete and not procrastination in delays open files
3 to emphasize the unity and uphold the sovereignty and unity of Iraq's land and people and thwart the plans division and the rejection of ethnic and sectarian calls foreign interference.
4 sure to empty all state institutions to support the fight and the fight against terrorism and hunt down remnants and supporting our armed forces and the popular crowd and the crowd of tribal and Peshmerga to liberate the rest of the sacred Iraqi soil
5 emphasis on tackling the financial crisis and the diversity of economic resources and alleviate the suffering of the burden on the citizen and to address the low daily income per capita.
6 initiate community reconciliation and addressing the social fracture in the social environment and the accelerated work for the return of displaced people and the reconstruction of areas devastated by terrorism and its collaborators
Finally, the meeting has resulted After deliberations on the following
The formation of a committee representing the two conferences and is working to contact the three presidencies and the leaders of political blocs to extradite message tribes and clans and the concern and the keenness and the implementation of the false claim
B This committee is working on the sons of the tribes and clans crowd and urged them to what was mentioned in the statement and communicate in new developments and necessities
A follow-up results of the Committee's work and the march of commitment to what is stated and what would take clans of coming steps and then prepare for the year ahead will include decisions and the code of conduct and conclude (an alliance of tribes and clans) needed everyone to implement what serves the common good and the interests of the country .. God of the intent behind.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

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