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Iraqi economists network publishes Rumaila contract between the Ministry of Oil and BP and the Chinese company PetroChina Service

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Iraqi economists network publishes Rumaila contract between the Ministry of Oil and BP and the Chinese company PetroChina Service
- PUBLISHED IN 01/17/201

First, note the editorial staff
volunteer network working group was able to get a genuine copy of the site service contract in 07.27.2009 between the oil ministry and all of BP and PetroChina to develop the Rumaila field and are pleased supplied to our readers Dear from oilfields experts and economists, each Mahtmant economic affairs Iraqi oil. The goal of the publication of this document is the first to seek to achieve the required transparency of the Iraqi Oil Ministry and secondly to address explanations and interpretations politicized to such contracts and that abounded during the past months and weeks on the back of the collapse of oil prices and the worsening financial crisis in Iraq and in the rest of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. And take advantage of this occasion to appeal to the Federal Ministry of Oil to detect all service contracts and the Ministry of Nature Resources in the Kurdistan region to provide all oil partnership contracts between the province and international oil companies to Iraqi experts for consultation and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.
For Heya Liberation
d. Superficial inch
Second, the definition of companies operating in the Rumaila field
was launched technical service contract between the South Oil Company and BP (prime contractor) and PetroChina and the Iraqi oil marketing company by the Ministry of Oil. This was the conclusion of the contract in 2009 and was extended in 2014. This contract, which would amount to a 25-year-old with 2034 solutions may lay the foundation for the process of the renewal of the field in the long run. Further information on the details of those institutions below.
This contract is a leading example of the possibility of international oil companies to support and increase oil resources belonging to the State of
the South Oil
Company, formerly known as the national oil company, but in 1987 the name was changed to the South Oil Company (SOC). It is headquartered in Basra, which is responsible for the management and development of all the oil fields in southern Iraq. And works in the Southern Oil Company of thousands of staff of skilled and experienced in all aspects of exploration and production.
Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO)
after the nationalization of Iraq's oil resources in the June 1, 1972, was the founding of the Directorate General of Oil Marketing for the management and operation of the marketing operations relating to crude oil and its derivatives. It is the organization that later became known as the General Company for Petroleum Products Marketing Organization (SOMO), before changing its name to the oil marketing company in 1998. Despite the name change, but the abbreviated name of the company (SOMO) has not changed. SOMO's headquarters is located in Baghdad, which is responsible for the marketing of Iraqi crude oil and its derivatives in excess of local needs.
BP is one of the largest energy companies in the world and known Bacetkchavatha leading engineering and technological innovations that have reached the extreme. BP was founded in 1909, and has deep experience in the field of discovery, evaluation and development and production of oil from the giant oil fields, ranging from the Prudhoe Bay field in Alaska, and even the Tengiz field in Kazakhstan. And BP are working in the Middle East for more than 100 years. This period has seen a significant discoveries in Iran in the early twentieth century, and to assist in the development of giant fields in Iraq between the thirties and the seventies of the twentieth century, in addition to the discovery of oil in Abu Dhabi in 1958, and it was BP's first oil exploration and production in Iraq for many decades. What unites BP operations in exploration, production, refining, marketing and alternative energy are the technical leadership and its ability to expand and manage world-class operations.
PetroChina (CNPC - China National Petroleum Corporation), one of the largest Chinese companies in the oil and gas sector, and was considered in in 2009 the world's largest market value of 336 billion pounds. PetroChina Company works include exploration, development, production, marketing, refining, transportation and storage operations. The strategic exploration discoveries in key areas of the Ordos Basin area, and the Qaidam Basin, and the Bohai Bay Basin, and Sichuan Basin. It also has deep experience in the giant oil fields discovered over the management of the huge oil field in Dagink.
Source: Media Site for companies operating in the Rumaila field
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Third, document service contract in English and signed in 07/27/2009

Document to download a PDF file Click here

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