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Planning projects implemented at a cost of 200 billion dinars and granted loans to more than 10 thousand beneficiaries

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The Ministry of Planning announced on Wednesday on the implementation of a number of projects and important events to improve the lives of poor people in the framework of the National Strategy for Poverty Reduction through 2015, while showed that the cost of these projects are distributed among the provinces amounted to about 200 billion dinars, divided between improving education, health, housing and income for the poor and help levels displaced, it revealed near their implementation of a new survey to monitor and evaluate poverty and the standard of living in Iraq during the first half of this year.
He said ministry spokesman Abdul-Zahra Hindoa in a press release, that in the framework of improving the level of education for the poor has been the completion of 141 alternative school for Schools mud from out of 400 schools scattered throughout Iraq during 2015 within the project of the demolition and rebuilding of schools instead of clay which is implemented by the Ministry of Education.
He added that the schools completed spread in the ten provinces of Diwaniya, Dhi Qar, Basra, Muthanna, Wasit, Babil, Baghdad, Salah al-Din, Kirkuk and Nineveh .. pointing out that in the context of improving the health standards of the poor has equipped primary health care centers and hospitals in 12 counties iPods and various equipment valued at 50 billion dinars included ray machine and nurseries and devices teeth and Sonar electric shock and ECG and devices partial examination and refrigerators to save medicines, vaccines and medical equipment for the eyes, etc., and the provinces benefiting from these devices are Anbar - Kirkuk - Diyala - Diwaniyah - Basra - Muthanna - Maysan - Dhi Qar - Najaf - Karbala - Wasit and Baghdad Bjnabhe Karkh and Rusafa, and in addition to that it has equipped hospitals and health centers in those provinces iPods and laboratory equipment at a cost of (29.5) billion dinars, and the construction of new health centers in the villages of Khanaqin (Kahrazh and order) cost (1.250) billion dinars, and complete the project processing and installation 4 complexes for water desalination in the villages of the province of Najaf.
Hindawi pointed out that in the framework of improving the level of income for the poor and within the national strategy for poverty alleviation it has been granted soft loans for (10) thousand and (786) of the poor and the unemployed ranged loan amounts between (5-10) million dinars, while the total amount distributor amounted to about 65 billion dinars in 2015 and held workshops training to borrowers at a cost of two billion dinars to be trained in project management and ways to make it work as well as the establishment of 435 kiosks at a cost of Mlalra dinars distributed among the unemployed in the province of Diwaniyah and extending rural roads along the 34 km at a cost of about 5 billion dinars in the districts and the areas of Diyala province.
and the official spokesman for the Ministry of Planning said strategy of poverty alleviation has sought to improve the standard of housing for the poor through the completion of a project to provide the infrastructure for complex economic role in 1000 took place in the province of Karbala, the center of their number at a cost of 12 Mlalr dinars and another in Kirkuk at a cost of 15 billion dinars, as well as the completion of studies, designs and other residential complexes in the number of provinces and extending electricity grids to poor villages in the districts of Diyala province, at a cost of (2.230) billion dinars, adding that the ministry has prepared a project to address the squatter in the whole of Iraq this project has received the approval of the Council of Ministers in July of last year was the provision of satellite imagery HD which cover ratio ( 77 per cent of the slums), and work is underway to complete these pictures of all the slums .. and work on the preparation of draft legislation to remove the slums and processed according to the plan that have been developed for it.
In the framework of providing assistance to the displaced said Hindawi said the ministry has allocated a sum of $ (1.5) billion dinars from the allocations poverty alleviation strategy for distribution to the (7500) displaced families in the capital by 200 thousand dinars for each family.
He stressed Hindawi that poverty indicators in Iraq has seen a remarkable rise in rates in the second half of 2014, influenced by security conditions in a number of provinces and the resultant of operations exodus and a wide drop in oil prices by about large .. Indicating that the poverty rate reached at the beginning of 2014 to 15 per cent after it was 23 per cent in 2012, but returned to go up to (22.5 per cent) because of the circumstances referred to.
He disclosed that The ministry will carry out a survey to monitor and evaluate poverty and the standard of living in Iraq during the first half of the year 2016 in a new way is the first of its kind in the region in cooperation with the World Bank using electronic devices sophisticated, fast, according to the model of a modern and sophisticated also has been experimenting with the new system implementing a pilot survey in the capital Baghdad included 336 families representative of all the different social and economic slides over the entire year in order to evaluate the evolution of the standard of living for these families in terms of social and demographic characteristics of the families, immigration and durables to measure the level of well-being of the family.

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