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Dialogue between the private sector representatives and economists with representatives of the government and the House of Representatives on economic reform and development of the private sector *

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Dialogue between the private sector representatives and economists with representatives of the government and the House of Representatives on economic reform and development of the private sector *
- PUBLISHED ON 04.07.2015
Investment holding Development Centre and the Iraqi reconstruction at its headquarters on Saturday, a brief summary 04.04.2015 important discussion economic seminar under the title (and support private sector development and economic reform), where he was to host all of the ...
Contract Investment Promotion Centre and the Iraqi reconstruction at its headquarters on Saturday, a brief summary 04.04.2015 important discussion economic seminar under the title (to support private sector development and economic reform), where he was hosting both Acanutormahdi Keywords director of the Office of the Prime Minister and his deputy, Dr. Nawfal Al-Hassan and Dr. Walid al-Hilli adviser Prime Minister for civil society and higher education organizations, Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge prime minister for economic affairs adviser symposium moderated Mr. Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, head of Mrkzatnumeih investment Iraqi reconstruction and the founder and member of the National Business Council of Iraq .. was attended by the House of Representatives by Dr. Ahmad Chalabi, head of the Finance Committee, and Dr. Firat Tamimi, head of the Agricultural Committee and Dr. Haitham al-Jubouri, a member of the Finance Committee as well as the Deputy Minister of Environment and adviser to the Foreign Ministry and directors of two Baghdad Investment Authority and customs, taxes and integrity of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the advisers and dozens of experts and specialists, academics, economists and dozens of businessmen .. The seminar dealt with the steps to be taken government to support private sector development and economic reform through a number of important steps Perhaps the most important issue instructions for the structuring of state-owned companies and the launch of the strategy of the private sector and the formation of working groups, chaired by Dr. Mahdi Keywords Director, Office of the Prime Minister to improve government performance and save time and improve the business environment and the elimination of red tape The bureaucratic and financial and administrative corruption and includes advanced staff in the Prime Minister's Office and many private sector representatives, experts and representatives of governmental sectoral bodies Add to form a comprehensive committee and team work of a specialist, headed by Professor Thamer Ghadhban to start implementing the conditions and requirements of the strategy of the private sector

President of the Center Professor Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, the seminar has been initiated with a welcoming guests and asked Dr. Ahmad Chalabi, a member of the House of Representatives deliver the opening address to the seminar, which dealt with the subject of economic reform and support for the private sector as well as government program voted by the Council of Ministers and members of Parliament and expressed his support for a Mjoah of laws, including retired private sector law similar to the government sector and the law of bank deposits and the establishment of bank deposits and the liquidation of the institution in the general budget as well as the fight against corruption.

Dr. Mahdi Keywords, who expressed his thanks and appreciation to the center for this seminar and invited to adopt the government's economic reform program and passed in the House because there's constitution required the Iraqi government and the materials mention explicitly the issue of economic reform and support the private sector and in particular article then occur (25-26), When gripped the financial crisis in the country a long discussion took place in the Council of Ministers to adopt a package of measures to resolve the crisis, and thus was formed a group of committees to prepare studies in this regard dealing with various sectors and provide a set of procedures as well as the formation of other technical teams and achieve a series of meetings and meetings, some of which was issued by the file required procedures

Through the conclusion of 10 working papers prepared by teams comprising representatives from the private sector and relevant ministries and a number of experts.

At the end of last month's seminar was held with the participation of a group of experts and contributed to the opinions are very important as we left the field of experts others to appear to any other observations, the Panel has completed a package of proposals and we still have the final notes to complete the work has dealt with the following topics: -

- Preparing Heldah public state-owned enterprises have completed this study was adopted by the Council of Ministers.

- Encourage the private industrial sector.

- Reform of the insurance and financial structure.

- Improve the business and investment environment.

- Expand imports.

- Rationalization of expenditures.

- Improving the performance of key sectors (industry, trade, agriculture and tourism).

That is rapidly being executive procedures and package mostly involves practical measures we envisage from this symposium further proposals.

Dr. Hassan Nofal then spoke kicking off his thanks and appreciation to Mr. head of the center in addition to the considerable efforts made by international organizations such as the World Bank and others to conduct economic reform and to provide a clear vision of the government.

Also addressed in his speech of the Iraqi economy that yield economy depends on a single supplier must seek to stimulate other activities for the purpose of contributing to the process of economic reform because the dependence on oil may expose the country to the big failures because the control of the prices can not be controlled in the economic system.

 So the Iraqi government needs after it was formed a political consensus and after solving the security problem that consumed the state's resources and the decline in oil prices to change the concept of the state existing at the idea Position to the State Service for the purpose of changing this concept needs to be reform of economic and administrative real and simplification of procedures, and these procedures change some of the laws and the completion of the electronic government.

Dr. Walid al-Hilli then spoke, calling for the need to hold cultural awareness where the businessman is estimated that he gets from the profits is to support his country out of the economic hardship which in the light of the great victories achieved by the EP and the crowd because Iraq is going through an economic atmosphere difficult

To disclose all oil imports and urge economists to help Iraq to lift the economic crisis of the Iraqi people as well as the elimination of corruption and public sectors turn in the state to specialists in the private sector so that there is an economic broad participation and transform the Iraqi economy to a market economy.

  Also spoke Dr. Abdul Hussain Anbaki stressing the completion of the study on the restructuring of state-owned industries and the gradual shift towards the private sector and he will strengthen the role of the private sector and the activation of the relevant national Balstrutejiat and encourage large partnerships to provide the best product and the quality of services and support for small and medium businesses by giving them loans soft with a focus on increasing the efficiency of the legislative system to work the industry.

Then spoke a group of businessmen and bankers men and stressed the need for the financial system rings development because it is one of encouraging investors gates and make capital which enables be achieved through the organization and address the financial and business affairs in coordination with various relevant sectors and activating the role of government-owned banks and private banks, banking specialist to provide loans soft national private sector and address the taxes and interest accumulated problems on the stalled labor entrepreneurs.

 Some specialists also confirmed the status of agriculture and livestock to provide supplies and effective treatments for the fields and farms to increase production and maintenance of irrigation and drainage projects to ensure the water needs and the creation of dams, reservoirs and land reclamation, with an emphasis on encouraging investment and provide input basic and adequate reform legislation and the relevant procedures.

 While some economies, experts stressed the need to benefit from their experiences and expressed their free volunteering to provide for the treatment of bottlenecks and actively participate in the campaign of economic reform in Iraq studies. This was the richest present at the seminar with a wide range of discussions and proposals that focused mostly on the idea of ​​economic reform and support the private sector in order to exit the economy safe and sound objective to support the private sector and achieve a market economy by relying on a variety of sources to supplement the financial budget based on sound scientific planning.

Preparation of investment and development of the Iraqi reconstruction Center

(*) Participated in a symposium on Iraqi economists network by Dr. peace Sumaisem and Dr. Thamer Ugaili Dr. Superficial inch

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