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He said that the mafia was preparing to seize the opportunity

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He said that the mafia was preparing to seize the opportunity
Baghdad-Haidar Al-fleih
He warned the Prime Minister's Advisor for Economic Affairs of risks that may accompany the Exchange process and deleted three zeroes, stressing that this would be the biggest corruption in the history of Iraq and will add trillions of counterfeit currency that would go to Holocaust in exchange for currency, useful information was almost certainly a maviat work since now for counterfeit currency with a view to exploiting certain vulnerable souls and corrupt during times of replacement with new ones, noting that this procedure will not return any The benefit of the Iraqi economy currently. Dr. Abdel Hussein Al-Anbuge speaking for (morning): the process of replacing the currency or delete zeros which are usually economically stable States, which enjoyed stability and job security and institutionally and with a reasonable level of GDP, thus it is natural and has practised in many countries of the world such as Romania, Turkey and Brazil.
Showing current conditions experienced by Iraq will not leave any positive impact on the real economy domestically after deleting the three zeros from the currency not from afar and from near, saying that economic policy makers better before proceeding with this action which is not a time to be heeded to development or administrative reforms ALU tax or bank suffers from whole serious regressions could inhibit many vital economic targets which seeks Iraq To achieve them.
And from the expected gains by deleting zeros or what could be reflected in downside said Al-Anbuge "If the Iraqi economy improvement on the process of deleting the zeros (Somalia), for example, one of the best countries in the world aksadia", noting that the possibility of deleting zeros is available to all global economies, however, they may spawn large negatives after application, called for the Governments of those States irrespective of this, thinking it had resolutions packages to revive all development aspects And industrial.
Al-anbaki said that during the past few weeks put this command directly to the Romanian Central Bank previously Iraq in that process where presence accompanied by a number of officials for the functioning and growth of the economy of the country, stating that the Romanian Central Bank officials had assured him and the rest of the delegation that the experiment did not reflect any positive effects on Romanian economic reality.
Chancellor that process does not bear any economic value in situations such as those experienced by Iraq, since corruption would create large bewilders could undermine the benefits of this transformation, noting that the shift in some countries but not wholly shift came gradually spread for many years in order not to cause obvious financial collapses in currency markets to those countries or creating bewilders markets and governmental departments and service institutions.
And on receipt of the information revealed Al-Anbuge was almost certainly an maviat are preparing now for counterfeiting coins since Iraqi traded at present so they can be replaced if you change the currency and delete some vulnerable souls exploiting zeros and some cases of corruption, saying that when you replace the opportunity will be favourable currency because of the current currency comes trillions of fake and go past the place new currencies Holocaust instead.
Alinaki also said "I am a consultant Abra myself on this resolution, which I consider to be wrong".
The Central Bank had referred to (morning) during an interview by Deputy Dr. appearance Mohammed Saleh to the intention of the Bank to proceed with the project delete zeros of the Iraqi dinar, converts 1,000 dinars to one dinar, noting the adoption of a long-term plan for this project, which would be reluctant to block huge cash in Iraq, according to Saleh, who between this procedure which also factors as crucial as saying that "Iraq is a country hit by hyperinflation during more than two decades ago, reflected A huge monetary inflation, for example rose about cash version 25 billion dinars in the early 1990s, becoming in 2003 six trillion ".


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