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The American octopus wraps up on the strategic areas in Iraq, the consulate .. Washington is establishing the largest operating room in Erbil

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The American octopus wraps up on the strategic areas in Iraq, the consulate .. Washington is establishing the largest operating room in Erbil

2018/07/08 6:04 am
Iraqi Observer - Salam Zubaidi

The American consulate in Iraq, Douglas Soliman and the head of the regional government, Nigervan Barzani, and the laying of the foundation stone for the largest consulate in the world, came after the US Embassy in downtown Baghdad, It is also the largest embassy in the world.

Despite Washington's passive role in Iraq and the region, the octopus of its hegemony extended along the border with neighboring countries.

The opening of the consulate completed the planting of a large number of military bases distributed to the provinces of Anbar, Salah al-Din and Nineveh, in addition to the provinces of the region, where the deployment of US forces heavily.

Given the importance of the strategic Kurdistan region, which makes it closely linked to neighboring countries (Iran, Syria, Turkey), America has planted this very large consulate as a room for Israeli-American operations in the region.

The consulate was built according to observers without the knowledge of the center's government, which was absent from the ground-breaking ceremony, although it was the first to grant approval for the construction of the consulate on Iraqi territory.

The political analyst Mahmoud al-Hashemi: The largest embassy to Washington in the world, located in Iraq and the United Nations headquarters in New York, accommodating 3,000 employees and equipped with all the latest technologies and developed in 2009.

Al-Hashemi said in a statement singled out by the (Iraqi observer): the construction of these huge headquarters, did not meet a question directed to them about the reasons that prompted them to establish successive governments, and today the experiment is re-expanded in Erbil.

"So far, the government has not clarified the reasons for the construction of such a consulate," he said. "Although some countries have broader and stronger ties than Iraq with America, consulates and embassies of this size have not been built."

"The establishment of the consulate without the presence of the central government puts a lot of question marks and shows that the Americans are staying in Iraq, without knowing the reasons for this unjustified stay, in the midst of a clear government," he said.

For his part, believes political analyst Haitham al-Khazali that America wants to intensify its security and military presence, despite the possession of 12 military sites distributed in multiple areas, there are about 20 thousand fighters ».

"The US has introduced large numbers of its soldiers under the cover of advisers, and has developed bases for artillery batteries west of Anbar. Today, the largest consulate is being built, which means it is expanding security and military in Iraq," Khazali said in an interview.

He added that "the embassy employees have a diplomatic cover to protect them, even if their presence for the purpose of spying on neighboring countries," pointing out that

"this consulate wants to protect the alleged Kurdish state, which Washington still wished the Kurds."

Khazali said that «America is pressing to return the disputed areas to the control of the territorial government, and intervene openly on the internal affairs of Iraq, because it was not met with a refusal or a serious pause from the government».

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