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Specialist and development capital

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1 Specialist and development capital on Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:39 pm


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Specialist and development capital

14/3/2018 12:00 am
Walid Khaled Al-zaidi

Encouraging investment, national and foreign segment, one of the channels of development and expansion of State financial resources, which calls for deliberate and successful investment policy,

and that issue did not come only through public events and activities involving operators of economy and development sector The country, ensuring efficient mechanisms that will encourage domestic investment and attract foreign capital specialized in all sectors of the economy, trade and industry, construction and services and the rest of other development areas,

the issue of care for the investment is inevitably leads to capital formation In various forms, which is an essential tool for economic development,

global companies are international destinations possess huge capital which specializes in the oil industry and reconstruction as well as import and in the area of industrial Renaissance type specializes in housing sector and other sectors, whether domestic or Foreign,

not hidden at all concerned with economics and the development of such funds if Iraq or given to broad areas for the transfer of modern technology to the country, as well as access to international markets and promote domestic exports of products of national currencies Challenging.

Successful investment policy ensure steady growth, which will improve the standard of living of the individual, and lessen the growing need for financing construction projects and development for all sectors, in fact, to achieve those goals is not only considered coordination between State institutions and private companies,

and that A big goal sought is still involved in national economics and management to address problems afflicting the Iraqi economy with the utmost seriousness.

Through the vision for the future is promising, based on clear and sound assessment of requirements of salvation from the constraints of the past that as long as his aspirations for advancement to meet the needs of the country and actually increase the chances of his sons for a decent jump on problems and economic crises.

The oil Ministry invited foreign companies to oil and gas exploration, not far from this framework, the Government actively sought to strengthen national production of oil extracted and make maximum use of the accompanying gas for his investment in the oil industry, increase financial returns from exporting a clear objective The Ministry concerned,

where oil Minister Jabbar allaibi specialized international companies for exploration in a number of exploratory patches in different areas of Iraq that aims to expand the production and gas and oil reserves through optimal investment of national wealth in offers of her decision to declare mid This year, as these patches are located in each of the provinces of Basra, Maysan, Muthanna, Wasit, Diyala, located in southern Iraq's territorial waters.

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