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Related News: banking system demands plans contribute to the diversity of revenue

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Related News: banking system demands plans contribute to the diversity of revenue

26/12/2017 0:00

After expanding its activities to include all the cities of
Baghdad / Al- Sabah

said the concerned financial affairs Aqeel Al - Nouri said , "the reality of the Iraqi economy requires the development of the joints of the work in the financial sector , which is the hub of the support of the economic development process , " pointing to " the need to adopt plans tend to achieve diversity in revenue through Islamic banking products recently it has done in Iraq and has proved a great success at the level of the
world. " Financial expertise and warned that the first stages of the work must focus on creating human resources global efficiency, as is an important focus in the overall financial activities, through their participation courses specialized under the supervision of international financial expertise , "referring to the need for attention to sections of compliance, money laundering and risk." The banking system in Iraq has seen a significant expansion after 2003 and is made up of 70 private banks as well as banks and the government.
Service economy
and stressed Nouri on " the importance of the actual trend in the diversity of banking products offered to customers to support all aspects of advanced production and service market, which represents the trend to achieve the national economy benefit and development support , " noting the need for the Islamic banks offer all financing business and investment is the basis of interest Islamic ones, are implemented in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law by opening investment accounts with the money banks are willing to invest in all Matjisah Islamic law .. (Murabaha, Mudaraba, Hassan loan ... etc), and the establishment of companies and IPO companies only Struck with others from individuals, companies and institutions in the works and projects consistent with its goals and serve the national economy , which suffers upheaval in various joints. A specific percentage and was between Al - Nouri said , " the banking system is required to provide banking services, including credit operations, where they are implemented banking as a service is taking a nominal fee in exchange for providing this service and of opening the current (Iraqi dinar and the US dollar) accounts (individuals and companies), and time deposits and be conditional on a specific interest rate, but the role of the bank as an agent of the applicant in the face of users of this money and this agency two agency where authorization of depositors to invest deposits in any project and the distribution of profits by descent, and the agency which restrict depositors to invest their deposits in specific projects ( J deposits customized).

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