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The contribution of development banks

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1 The contribution of development banks on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:04 am



The contribution of development banks

20/11/2017 12:00 am
Haidar Kazim Al-Baghdadi

International organizations indicated the presence in the financial sector after a journey of suffering because of policies that were pursued for decades, pushing down overall economic realities.

This advances the joints of the financial sector did not come from a vacuum, but there are new regulations and policies and mechanisms of action adopted father of this sector and the CBI chief regulator single reality of its financial sector through banking system mechanisms calendar, especially the Special Expanded form Noticeable.

To get up from under the rubble and work hard a task it faces great challenges and whatever evolution at work, we need more, and here we find that the inquiry follows up closely the reality of work and draw is incorrigible, and keep banks from reality to all forms of financial crimes after becoming a bank in Prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as awareness that represent an important element in the banking system.

Here we can say: the reality requires that we head to the developmental aspects of having completed significant interaction regulatory actions in the last stage between banks and Central Bank.

And we have a large bank represented by local banks and branches of large foreign banks operating in Iraq, and this device can support development stages through this device functions as mutually beneficial, and can follow the local banks and branches of foreign banks and know their contribution to Developmental aspects in Iraq, especially to international capital to do business in Iraq for an abundance of jobs, let alone and that banks actually exist in Iraq, the job be easier and broader economic feasibility.

The worldwide banking system saw significant technical breakthroughs can benefit in Iraq through the World Bank branches located here, across the large border cooperation and local competencies are placed in these branches to gain expertise, since the volume of work in Iraq is too large and accommodates Greater efforts.

At the same time, it cannot be denied that we have large stages exceeded banks possess technologies and find a clear interaction with the public and provide services including other recent major capital did not exceed the 100 billion, which notes that the banking machinery capable of supporting development and needs to know How much contribution to this, and here comes the role of stakeholders to streamline this process and classify banks as it and take care of most of them.

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