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Opening to the world

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1 Opening to the world on Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:01 am



Opening to the world

Writer:Yasser Metwally
15/10/2017 12:00 am

Witness the Iraqi scene this stage broad diplomatic movement, as represented by the mutual visits of delegations informal and formal.

Perhaps the most recent visit of Prime Minister Dr Haidar Abadi to France were crowned the successes in various levels, notably what concerns us here on this page of economic relations.

This move comes at a time when more than ever to establish requirements for the construction and reconstruction phase following the destruction caused by the "ISIS" and then eliminate it.

These reciprocal visits of risky huge benefit to Iraq and targeted countries to showcase investment opportunities needed by the country of destination and see what comes of albeldomttalbat construction and reconstruction needs.

In the same context I would like to mention the issue very important where you invite in my columns for years to press the importance of involving the private sector in delegations as a partner strategically with the Government, especially those that have the expertise and capacity to assist the Government in selecting investments, the mission to expand the interest For the country.

Then the economic curriculum was centered on the transition from a totalitarian economy to a market economy and a free economy which demands that the private sector lead in file manager.

The vision of this particular response in the delegation included members from the private sector with official delegations.

But noted that the process of selecting representatives of the private sector was limited to certain names without taking into consideration the required diversity in other jurisdictions and this weakens the goal of taking the delegations.

For example, we've not seen that delegations representing the private banking sector and this is contrary to the requirements of investors in the presence and the presence of strong banks cater to alastmarih companies and investors.

So it must be for the private banking sector represent special especially that great strides in building relationships and partnerships with foreign investors, an interesting note on the concerned taken into account to be diversity in choosing the private sector productive and constructive.

And our regional and international experiences in this context where the representation of banks lead in mutual visits being strategic partner for investors.

So we draw attention of responsible for nominating and selecting delegates to balance on the correct choice of the diversified business
Because the stage not frivolous wait but accelerate investment envelope for construction and development of the country.

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