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Ready for export to the Iraqi markets ..

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1 Ready for export to the Iraqi markets .. on Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:55 pm



Ready for export to the Iraqi markets ..

Ramzi Rhazoui

Wednesday, 23 August / August 2017.

With the approach of the border opening of the Jordanian - Iraqi via Trebil early next month, official efforts between the two countries require raising the readiness of the private sector to return to the Iraqi market , which is one of the most traditional export of Jordanian products markets, and transit trade from the port of Aqaba to the west of Iraq, Medicines, vegetables, fruit and accessories construction of cement and rebar and manufacturing industries able to increase Jordanian exports by about one billion dollars at least, and makes it easier for old Jordanian and renewable and the Iraqi private sector partnership.

Past The years three were harsh on Jordanian exports to the Iraqi market due to cut the international road over the past years, noting that Jordanian exports to Iraq exceeded $ 1.5 billion a year by the predominance of terrorist Daesh gangs in Iraq, Syria and the threat to the region and its peoples, terrorism is Aldaasha which ebbed duration and pronounces his last breath in Iraq and Syria motivates us to look with optimism and positive work hard to restore Jordanian exports share in the Iraqi market and the Syrian , which is important as a lung to the Jordanian economy, and build bridges of cooperation and the establishment of interdependence for the benefit Everyone have to.

The private sector in front of great opportunities to launch programs to promote Iraq 's market is acquired from two Iranian and exceeded Iranian exports to Iraq twenty billion mark annually, and during the past three years have stalled exports to Iraq due to cut the international road closure Trebil Iraqi, and the land and sea alternatives to Iraq is very expensive, and in many cases , the food commodities of fruit and vegetables spoil the length of waiting periods , which some exporters liver huge amounts of money and high transfer costs competitive Jordanian products weakened.

Official bodies for their part are invited to facilitate exports and provide exemptions and incentives in the coming months to facilitate exporters to return strongly to the Iraqi markets, and the advantages and benefits of the Jordanian economy, and if successful exporters return to the Iraqi market , we will find improved foreign trade balance and reduce the trade deficit , which drains ready balance of currencies foreign at the Central Bank, and we will find the improved performance of the services sector, especially banking and financial services.

Regional political cooperation , which aims to restore Iraq to foster Arab is an important step you need to translate the fact to take economic and trade decisions, and cooperation for the implementation of strategic projects in the forefront of building the Iraqi oil pipeline through Jordan to the port of Aqaba, especially that Iraq implements a plan to raise its oil exports to the convergence of levels Saudi oil exports .. chance to restore Iraq to the Arab surroundings of the most important Arab decisions at this stage.

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