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Association of banks seeking to link local banks by international.

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Association of banks seeking to link local banks by international.

22/8/2017 12:00 am

Motionless stretched his knives to major economies of the world adopted by Iraqi banks Association by communicating better with international banks in the United States in order to develop the local financial sector and make it more sophisticated and competitive area banks And the world.

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks on Gibraltar said that Iraq and all countries in the world have large fortunes and big market size to work up to an unspecified global effort in various production and service sectors, pointing out that many major companies around the world consider Iraq to be in a privileged position as a platform for production, which drives to the Eastern and Western world.

Quick services

Added in the interview for «morning» to this major effort the Association and pointed him aware that any major efforts made need sophisticated banking sector offers fast and can handle large numbers of sophisticated technology which began to adopt our banks gradually worked out with the Iraqi Central Bank given this joint importance Especially.

Test banks

Tariq pointed to discuss now with major us banks on strengthening mutual cooperation between the two parties and access experiences of big banks and their products and using them to serve the local financial sector,

indicating that the Association is an arm of the Central Bank of Iraq and perform in concert with this financial edifice which has achieved great development in the field of technology washrth financial institutions Great.

Arab banking Conference will be held in New York on the 16th of October month Iraq will attend the next large Bank delegation and that there is great trust between Iraqi private banks and Treasury bond.

Development paths

And Gibraltar to work requires to be our development paths going in parallel I intended to attract advanced technology into all the joints of the banking business which in turn will change the shape of the Iraqi money sector,

other track is represented by the human resources development working in this sector and make them empowered to evolving technologies,

pointing out that continuous training and results come as ambition level that allows us to achieve the goals and acceptable integration we notch between tracks benefit banks and financial sector Local.

Money laundering.

He was Minister for Economic Affairs of the American Embassy to see mimot said, had examined the activities undertaken by the Iraqi private banks Association of charity and human capacity development in the banking sector through training, specifically in file fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, and we will work with them to develop and encourage Iraqi banks to open relations with the Association of private banks.

Tarak stressed that many private banks in compliance with international standards and have the ability and the possibility to open accounts with foreign correspondent banks for its excellent staff, policies and procedures are subject to global standards and integration With the services.

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