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The private sector is the talk

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1 The private sector is the talk on Tue Aug 15, 2017 4:28 am


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The private sector is the talk

15/8/2017 1:06 am
Dr Hamid penal system.

We've been watching with interest the changes and developments on the national scene in particular and the world in General, as well as through the experiences of countries which have achieved economic successes in applying policies and adopted macroeconomic stability and high investment rates without researching the details of these policies from State to state that through integration into the world economy gradually and selectively strategy and creating a surge in economic growth.

These States adopted a stable macroeconomic policy enabled it to accommodate quick external changes here needed to improve their organization and ensure genuine partnership between the public and private sector and that have been able to achieve sustained economic growth and rapidly during more than three decades ago were not necessarily those that tried to accelerate integration into the global economy by eliminating or reducing tariffs or those that abolished restrictions on capital movement but which she States increase investment share in total national income and economic policy pursued Stable.

Asian experience shows that the ability of any State to absorb aspects of international changes on the positive aspects and avoiding and reducing the negative effects, here relied on the efficiency and quality of public administration by deepening and distribution in addition to trade links top rated products increase in exports from these countries since the economic leadership career formation scrutinized since 2000.

Since then we had a role in guiding the private sector with all his joints in Crucible business of merchants and industrialists and agricultural contractors, and a free economy-oriented investors have privately an active role in the economic development process as the incubator of unemployment and we were hopeful how quickly the Iraqi economy integration into the global economy through financial flows that were and remain a single economy and not the product.

It is known that the Iraqi economy faced a large and complex problems leading to significant slowdown in growth areas of the Iraqi economy and led to major structural imbalances secretion in the Iraqi economy, the low performance in the private and public sectors in Iraq forced the Government to reconsider its role in life Economical.

When you talk about the private sector we mean in a broad sense for the private sector, whether regular or irregular, which extends to associations and business associations and federations of quality and specialized chambers of Commerce and Federation of industries and professional associations and individuals and owners of economic activities despite being marginalized for reasons of unstructured sector or may be ineffective in investments to different considerations. Also, many modern iteration of symposiums and conferences and meetings with officials don't find useful, which became both the evaluators drawl or not.

Here lies the need which requires private sector regroups and forming strong lobbyist on the Government to expand the role of the private sector regroups through legislative framework encouraging and giving more incentives to create the appropriate climate for domestic investment and replace the Government resorted to projects, alliances and mergers make him able to engage in large projects, let the private sector major contributor to GDP and effective contributor to economic policy role and larger container Of unemployment.

* The President of the International Federation for men Business in Iraq

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