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Expert: possibilities of Iraq makes him kiss for international companies

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Expert: possibilities of Iraq makes him kiss for international companies

27/7/2017 12:00 am

Confirmed the ability to achieve integrated development

Baghdad/Hussain thghb

Diagnosis of the challenges facing economic development that should inform a rich country like Iraq, which has the natural wealth and human resources could make it a new economic tiger on the level The world.

Economic and financial expert Mohamed Ali Jaber said economic development pursued by Iraq is not impossible, pointing out that the potential available in Iraq make him Kiss better economical global economies, here you can say: that development is not limited to a specific type of a particular sector without another, assuring the possibility of integrated development in Iraq when combined Efforts.

Quick success

He said in the interview for "morning": the opportunities available for economic Renaissance and we'd start in the aspects that we have the ingredients for success which can start activated without the need for long periods of time as the agricultural sector and small and medium-sized industrial enterprises and tourism sector by setting up a sophisticated banking system offers advanced services to those sectors that should be linked to the progress of the strategy of the development plans of all the joints down to create great projects during future periods SME shall be complementary to the projects Competitive strategy.

There are in Iraq jobs in all sectors could absorb domestic and international effort and creates an active economy worldwide by experts and interested host.

An effective economy

He said: this method was adopted in most of the major economic blocs that have managed to create an active and influential economy in the world, although it does not have one ingredient that is owned by Iraq, which requires us to gather efforts and agree to work to revive the national economic plans and all the joints, it is associated with the active work environment movement of national economy better than.

Draw a strategy

Jaber had indicated in an earlier interview for "morning" that the reality of the Iraqi economy requires economic action plan Court paint through a national rescue Conference parties concerned and of the Government, Parliament, the private sector and all configurations with Government and banking community to this effort is the channel that passes them money to development projects and strategy of action minutes it starts to come up in all Sectors.

Hiring resources

And in his speech to the Conference that regulates this goal seeks to create a current system capable of mobilizing domestic and international financial resources and reallocation of service activity of the economy in order to achieve high rates and keep economic growth through modernization and cash all units of the financial sector, as well as a comprehensive economic plan based on the foundations of a process to promote various economic sectors.

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