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Drawing up of the financial basis of c a local governments

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Drawing up of the financial basis of c a local governments

27/7/2017 12:00 am

Activation of the administrative structures to maximize provincial resources

Baghdad/Emad Emirate

Require the independence of local governments in Iraq (provinces), basically, the availability of administrative and financial autonomy, so as to be able to provide services at the county level, the judiciary and the village, and a number of experts finds that the shift towards decentralization in governance process needs efforts Great.

Some countries have managed to shift towards decentralization, as Indonesia's experience in a single batch in other countries several decades as in the case of India.

In this regard he saw competent economic d. m. Hosni it is necessary to know and identify posts under the responsibility of the Central Government to be possible to transfer authority to local governments in areas that have been identified.

Financial independence

Noting the importance of focusing on the subject of the independence of local governments in the financial field, because local governments in Iraq do not have any independent resources they depend on public budget in matter of funding, it is under the Central Government in check all its activities Finance.

And between Hosni that though provincial legislation 12/2008 but the local governments did not get independence, resulting in the State Ministry for previous provinces first proposed amendment to provincial law enacted by law number 15 of 2010, this amendment also included several legal intersections prevented enables local governments to achieve independence.

Resolve the interference.

And there were attempts to address these problems was the enactment of the second amendment No 13 year 2013 which gave wide powers to local governments to strengthen their independence and orientation towards decentralization, indicating that the second amendment indeed! concurs need to amend other legislation, including local sources of revenue and budget implementation instructions and other legal and legislative interventions.

Revenue planning

He continued: I've been proposing and adopting a number of indicators on the levels and the level of public revenues and the level of planning and implementation and execution control level.

Hosni noted that there are several insights in this area, including that of local governments many tasks of sectors such as education, health, culture, sports and Social Affairs and that their implementation requires the availability of financial resources and to be growing on a yearly basis commensurate with the increasing burden for development Local.

Provide resources

He stressed the need for financial resources for local governments and more to come so that they can meet the requirements of local development and the needs of citizens and the community participation in the planning and allocation of available resources and control their use and supervise Implementation.

Called Hosni to Governments to make arrangements to achieve these goals gradually to initially focus on activities to achieve an increase in local revenue for the provinces, stressing the importance of developing the capacity of local administrations and the collection of revenue and develop its role in the process of making decisions on spending on public services.

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