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Relationship: the next phase will witness economic victories.

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Relationship: the next phase will witness economic victories.

20/7/2017 12:37 am
Via construction orientation
Baghdad/Hussain thghb

After Iraq proves to the world Savior pictures and human and moral values defers to prove economically victory over reconstruction during the next phase, the new role requires concerted efforts together to support reconstruction and that banks must be the cornerstone of this and are doing well through sophisticated technology.

These phrases were the Governor of the Central Bank and the Association of banks during the ceremony organized by the Islamic international bank marking the victory over "ISIS" terrorist and the granting of ISO to the Bank which is a success for the financial sector.

Task page

Central Bank Governor Ali allaq said that Iraq prove the coolest photo victories for the world to move human values before and so was pride in battle that keeps her history, pointing out that the new role is to address reconstruction and to succeed in this task page.

We are proud that said Iraq has the power and the energy that enabled the country to economic advancement, and financial sector note progress and innovation, urging young people to be more distinctive and diagnose their abilities to capture information, sophisticated banking sector to be first among the country's institutions in the use of advanced technology, and speed in using technology.

ISO certificate

The relationship that our celebration today is coming big move is that the ISO International Bank, particularly as in detail important specialized organized payments, especially since banks products never touches only 10 percent of people have access to 90% here must build confidence between the two sides, especially if the market is big and wide and require considerable workload benefit both sides of the process.

The flaw in the work of the Association of banks to be excited about bugs, pointing out that the supermarket did not intervene in this matter, but can return to the rules of procedure to fix it, noting that represents banks and their association is good for the banking sector.

Effective capacity

The Director of the Islamic National Bank Commissioner Soha always thanked the security forces maker victories all configurations that delivered the country banner of victory and hope they developed a prosperous rival countries, a sign of the importance that the effective capacity of sinks for the victory.

She stressed the importance of adopting sophisticated systems chime and applicable internationally and with the Central Bank of Iraq, noting that the Bank is making many efforts to bring electronic payment card to the farthest point in Iraq we have 20, pointing to ISO 27001 obtained Bank besides success is victory in Iraq, indicating that ambition towards obtaining ISO 20000 HR is given great attention to development of joints.


Turn the head of the Association of banks meek ist bitter melon said: the victory over terrorism came to spurs to greater economic victories, pointing out that global institutions assessment looks at human capital we see this Association.

He stressed the importance of cooperation in implementing monetary policies and restore confidence in the banking sector and bringing in deposits and most importantly the participation of banks in the reconstruction of the liberated areas, praising the initiative of the Central Bank to allocate 6 trillion dinars for development projects, as well as its role in supporting the Government during the war to "ISIS".

He stressed that the Central Bank supervision, families of martyrs will be honored on world peace day in recognition of their sacrifices for Iraq

He said: the experience of caring for the employee did not exceed 35 years is important in the development of work and promotion of new blood and urged her creativity and work perfectly.

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