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The Economist: fugitive compactness

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1 The Economist: fugitive compactness on Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:04 pm


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The Economist: fugitive compactness

THAMER alhims

Total cash hoarder and Central Bank estimates that the relevant authorities 77% of Iraqi money supply this exceptional case actions are not of only the weakness of the banking public consciousness despite having established factors to this awareness and culture of these factors highlighted the compactness is weak banking performance in the public and private sectors generally in terms of confidence or double the interest and prices which lowers guidance to savings in banks.

This is a very natural reaction as a result of corruption and instability with backwardness and overall banking performance degradation and intentionally.

But it seems that the tendency which was alriaier and still prevalent among stakeholders. Is lack of interest for the deadly compactness of the money supply.

Although they produced us loans do not fit at all with the income from foreign currency amounts nearing trillion dollars for the past thirteen years.

No doubt it is a paradox that a country becomes Medina now (85 billion dollars) compared to fold these loans money chunky.

Positive alternative can save investment of those loans that lending marked a day that payment date not too far and not easy in coming days.

Therefore, if the inspection continued international loans and bring good news to us that the credit for our benefit and expand canopy we stage (B) thank God.

And rolls on the overall financial concerned to collect money not just old age, Lord of the black days. But they are young and middle-aged aspiring to activate mktzathm.

They either buy gold or rummaging in neighboring countries banks do the savings of a lifetime, so a firm Pat this phenomenon to deposit hoarders and profiteers even chance, second class in neighboring countries where banks treasure rash and overflowed to the local pool fails.

It is said that these banks pay interest of 15% and there are civil and governmental banks sponsoring that process because they work so hard on each other.

This is normal in a country controlled in his joints and banking networks called each civil or Islamic banks.

Vast transformations are therefore now to take advantage of lucrative interest.

Legitimate and binding where the borrower for the amount not someone or in front but unknown as idiosyncratic understanding of ' emwants any part is she trick or doctrinal legitimacy really but it's been well implemented. Through money changers.

Where are the protectors of public money and who if this money is leaking and flowing across the open border formally and practically, as if this were a fugitive compactness rents have banks to international loans and auspicious credit networks (B) or we'll face years of Yusuf (as) as long as we're dependent on them or prisoners of oil revenue.

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