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The sovereign guarantee most investment incentives

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The sovereign guarantee most investment incentives

20/9/2016 12:00 am

In order to attract international companies specializing

Baghdad-Hussein thghb

Private sector continues to provide solutions to overcome problems of lack of liquidity due to declining oil prices in the world market, and work to mitigate the effects of this ongoing problem with proposals are a starting point for future developmental phase although significant challenges.

Economist Abbas shmarh said in interview for «morning «that economic development requires creating skilled human resources that can handle sophisticated technology in all sectors,

pointing out that the recruitment of international experiences in the Iraqi economy service is a requirement for most economists and interested.

Economic relations

Shmarh said: Iraq demands the expansion of external economic relations and build bridges of genuine cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis with twenty States representing major industrial sectors of the industry and the biggest player in the world,

indicating the importance of communicating with regional and ocean to establish new agreements achieve economic feasibility For both parties.

The sovereign guarantee

He stressed the importance of the Iraqi Government should go to open dialogues with major and regional powers to initiate bilateral agreements Yamen investment, investors and all their investments in Iraq, the United Governments to provide sovereign guarantee for any investment strategy in any country to reassure investors on their investment,

stressing that Governments undertake through the offices are opened in the countries concerned and through a single window to overcome any obstacle or forms,

and that the time factor is the most important things that You must Observe them.

The single window within approved investment law number 13 of 2010 and its amendments and need to do figure that attracts international companies owning the funds and advanced technology.

Proposed projects

He pointed out that the developed world have specialized companies in carrying out certain works without other bridges are preferred cooperation,

noting the importance of the agreement with a company to evaluate proposed projects that could represent the beginning of a large and comprehensive development process, that those companies have the expertise and experience in all the world, as is the agreement with a company for study and evaluation to ensure the guaranteed benefit of proposed projects be sober and specialized institution.

Sophisticated effort

Shmarh between the Iraq quandary in choosing companies that fit reality and actually needs and mission to the Iraqi economy must be open for cooperation and partnership with such a sophisticated effort benefit Iraq,

pointing to the possibility of communication with more than 130 specialized company worldwide projects according to international specifications, away from all forms of manipulation and prepare the project element new success of her career and reputation around the world.

Evolutionary step

He stressed that efforts should be made to encourage these companies to Iraq and providing the appropriate environment that has elements of the attracting of polarization, as well as the need to be parallel to this direction step comprehensive human resource development through higher and vocational training under the supervision of the experience International.

Shamara and the need to build international funds which Iraq was his leadership in founding with instructive money that supports development programs in human development, constructing through the preparation of local experiences capable of managing the process of training local talent to the highest Levels.

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