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Bank management and quality services. Portals and applications

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Bank management and quality services. Portals and applications

30/8/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad-the morning

Arabic Banking Association issued a book entitled «Managing banks banking service quality – portals and applications-«for authors both Assistant Professor Dr Sadiq al-shammari and Professor help Dr nagham Hussein NEHME, featuring a 12-chapter book examines the concepts and fundamentals of commercial banks, the emergence and development of Iraq's banking system components, and the basics of banking capital, the structure of the banking system and established the internal organization For commercial banks.

It also touched on the subject of management of bank deposits and generate mechanisms for attracting, besides liquidity management and financial indicators, and the phenomenon of money laundering and ways to address them in Iraq, reality and challenges of Islamic banks and financial globalization and employability in quality of service.

The book dealt with the topic of banking automation and its impact on the quality of banking services, as well as the application of the principles of corporate governance in banking institutions, and the role of banks in financing small and medium-sized enterprises.

And on this book said the Secretary General of the Union des Banques Arabic decoration Ullah:» the Union honour adds to economic library Arabic new book on bank management and quality of service banking», adding: this book comes an update to previous authors and llshamri Hussein, so add a task in General on the management of banks and banking quality developments in the Iraqi banking sector Particularly».

He stressed that the syndicate Arabic, as a platform for promoting banking culture, this book sees ample transparency and objectivity and scientific methodology in research and analysis and great benefit to each Bank and banker is interested to look into others' experiences, adding that added value to the Arabic economic library, which needs to strengthen its banking and financial economic all new given the pace of developments in this area.

The book included at the end of each chapter 10 questions from the reader about topics mentioned in each subject, which are important in the delivery of the material and information with ease and in an innovative way to maybe tell her in writing books.

The author noted in his book that the Iraqi banks like all banks worldwide have faced many challenges including overall privatization of banking service quality challenges and marketing these services, client satisfaction and stick to being the cornerstone, through identifying the wishes of customers and financial needs, and develop appropriate banking products and services, pricing and promotion of these products and the establishment of appropriate banking network to provide services.

The author drew the challenges of globalization and its evolution in the activity and proliferation through advanced technologies that accompanied the activities of banks, a transporter, an economist, as saying: "the economy of any country not on the basis of economic criteria but also on the basis of the prosperity of the banking industry.

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