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Drafting teacher Protection Act

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1 Drafting teacher Protection Act on Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:38 am



Drafting teacher Protection Act

11/23/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
working the teachers' union to put the final touches on a draft law (the protection of the teacher), similar to physicians within the plan to coordinate efforts with the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Education, while seeking to make their own necessary measures to ensure the upgrading of efficiency and living situation for the members of the union of teachers and teachers in all the provinces totaling about 650 thousand members, leading to the advancement of the joints of the educational process. Captain teachers Abbas Kadhim Amer Sudanese said in a statement »Sabah»: The union has made ​​great strides in the preparation of a draft law (the protection of the teacher), similar to physicians to hold accountable anyone who abuses a family education and to reduce the increasing attacks and repeated in recent times, as well as directing the investigative committees not taking any complaint anonymous or malicious. He continued, that the union is coordinating the formation of a federation of the rest of the trade unions in Iraq as a trade union of doctors and lawyers, engineers and others, in order to involve a representative from each union in parliamentary committees, according to the specialization of each of them to contribute to enriching the debate legislation before approving them, leading to fill the legal gaps and upgrade the sectors concerned, noting that the union House of Representatives Finance and the ministries of planning and called for the need to tax allowances for members of the educational community in the general budget inclusion.
and on coordination with the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of Sudan, reported that a delegation from the union under his chairmanship answered the call Director of the Office of the Prime Minister Dr. Mahdi Keywords, to attend a meeting devoted to discuss the requests and entitlements of the educational community, noting that the Keywords reiterated during the meeting emphasized that educational family salaries will not be affected, and that the professional allowances amounting to 150 thousand dinars fixed and will continue to be disbursed to all beneficiaries, including the Ministry of Education staff, noting that the call Keywords came commendable response to the claims launched by Associates educational family during peaceful demonstrations organized by the union in Baghdad and the provinces after the influx of many groups of teachers and teachers of the Central Council of the union's headquarters in Baghdad.
He said the Sudanese, who also serves as assistant secretary of the Federation of Arab Teachers, said the Prime Minister's Office responded positively to the union included a plan contract central council of the Federation of Arab Teachers in Baghdad so as to enhance the site of Iraq in the Arab and international spheres, recalling that the union delegation made ​​extraordinary efforts during his participation Conference consultative Union which was held in Lebanon and resulted in the return of Iraq's membership in the Union, and then hold the General Conference of the Federation meeting during which election Iraq unanimously to the post of Assistant Secretary General of the Union of Arab teachers.
On a related matter, the Sudanese noted that the teachers' union joined the Union of Education and the Global Education (Ei), which includes 171 countries from all continents, noting that the participation of the union in several conferences organized by the Union raised interest Iraq issues by issuing official statements condemning the crimes «Daash» against the Iraqis and their impact on the educational process in the country. Captain teachers reported that the Prime Minister's Office also welcomed the draft (the national project to build schools) provided by the union to address the shortage of school buildings, as it includes the introduction of an official party spokesman (General Company for the construction of schools) the excess of the many in circles and ever online institutions unproductive drain the pool, while holds the union collect donations to fund this project and we are waiting for the approval of the execution. He also noted that the union obtained the previous government approvals for the implementation of (housing project Iraqi teacher) the allocation of land to set up housing complexes vertical worthy monarchy educational, were allocated plots of land to build the headquarters of the subset of the union in the province and district, while allocated Najaf province in 1620 without the distribution of residential spare between teachers and teachers coordination between the union and the province. Sudan urged local governments in the governorates to activate the implementation of projects of residential complexes or revocation of Resolution No. 300, including giving way in front of the residential blocks distribution in the provinces, districts and areas.

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