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Jubouri: The Prime Minister is an opportunity that must be seized

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Jubouri: The Prime Minister is an opportunity that must be seized


11/22/2015 0:00

Baghdad Al-Sabah
praised House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the efforts made ​​by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said he has «breath in state-building», represents «an opportunity that must be invested in state-building», while pointed out that the political reality of stability in the country is reflected positively on the security and economic situations, he called his Sudanese counterpart to attend the Conference of the Union of Islamic Parliaments to be held in Baghdad early next year.
Jubouri said in an interview with Channel (BBC) and pursued «morning»: The «Abadi for us is an opportunity that must be seized to the Iraqis in clear, especially since he has breath in state-building and stability, and thus needs to strengthen political parties are
clear ».
The President of the legislative power« is (Abadi) also at the same time must be aware that his partners or his supporters, representing an opportunity that must be invested to achieve process State-building », saying« We used to say that the reforms must go solidarity, not a burden is plagued by an individual or a political party without the others.
»He warned al-Jubouri that« some may resort to talk about alignments may end to the possibility of putting the idea of withdrawal of confidence », He said «In our opinion, the circumstance that we are going through now is not appropriate, and still have a lot of luck in order to achieve the building, stability and priorities it is important to pay attention
On the other hand, statements to the Office of Chairman of the Board Media Representatives Tlguethma «morning» that search, said When meeting of the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubiš, «developments in the political situation in Iraq and government and parliamentary reforms and file of national reconciliation and the role of parliament in legal National Guard and the Justice and Accountability legislation», indicating that the two sides discussed the «displaced and displaced persons and international support file for carrying out relief through reconstruction rehabilitation of areas liberated from the grip of the organization Daash
terrorist ».
He said al-Jubouri, according to the statement, that« the stability of the political reality in the country that would reflect positively on the security and economic situations which is compatible upon by all parties », noting that« Parliament is keen to pass laws that meet the aspirations of all components, especially with regard to national reconciliation file or reforms that support the implementation according to the Constitution ».
And the price Jubouri« UN role in relief to the displaced and displaced persons, especially that Iraq needs international possibilities dolly to provide help and support to them ».
For his part, Kubiš« keenness UN to support Parliament's efforts seeking to achieve comprehensive national reconciliation, and support for Iraq in the completion of important laws which would restore stability to the country ».
In another matter, search head of the House of Representatives, in a telephone conversation with his Sudanese counterpart Ibrahim Ahmed Omar,« the overall situation on the Arab and regional arenas and ways to coordinate positions in question », calling him to» attend a conference the Union of Islamic Parliaments to be held in Baghdad early next year ».

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