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Political Day

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Political Day


International organization facilitates the entry of terrorists into Iraq and Syria
Vice said the National Alliance that there is backed by an international organization working to facilitate the entry of terrorist Daash gangs to Iraq and Soeria.obin Abboud al-Issawi that "these terrorist nationalities that came from Africa, Europe and Asia, backed with weapons and training, arrived in Iraq and Syria by international bodies." , adding that "the intelligence agencies informed Baldaaman to Daash including major countries." He added al-Issawi that "Russian President Vladimir Putin's recognition that the views of 40 countries supporting terrorism, shows that there are countries that support terrorism and trains and funds and facilitate the entry process," noting that " accused of countries are Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and even the major countries. "The Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a news conference that Russia showed through the top twenty examples of terrorist financing in Syria by people from 40 countries, including the countries of the Group of Twenty fund terrorism.

The battle to liberate Nineveh articulated in the history of Iraq
Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said Iraqi forces will play a "pivotal battle in the history of Iraq, the liberalization of Nineveh province of terrorist Daash gangs."
He recommended Obeidi "fighters to abide by exactly the military and the preservation of military Alkievh as they honor the fighter and position of respect and appreciation of the Iraqi people," pointing out that " The Iraqi army is the safety valve for the Iraqi people and see the hope for salvation of the terrorist organization, especially that the army had recovered after weakness in the joints of several period that saw the fall of Nineveh.
"He concluded Obeidi his speech by saying that" you will have a big role in other battles will be articulated in the history of Iraq Nineveh, especially in the battle of Anbar has become close to the discount, although signs of victory which had loomed on the horizon. "

National did not nominate a substitute for the Secretary of Commerce
National List denied alternative to the Minister of Commerce accused Mlas Mohammed, who accused his brother of corruption last month nomination.
And member of the existing Shaalan Karim was "no truth to the news reported by some media about alternative figure to fill the position mentioned nomination," pointing out that "the bloc wait the judicial decision in this regard and that if found guilty, the minister would seek to personal Bdlah nomination, and if not proven guilty would return to his work. "He pointed Koran that" the bloc emphasizes the fight against corruption in all its forms for the advancement of the public the reality of the country ".oosdrt judiciary arrest warrant Mlas Trade Minister Mohammed Abdel-Karim and his brother, following charges of corruption Mala.oukal spokesman for the federal judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in a statement, said that the arrest warrant was issued according to Articles 310 and 319 of the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 average.

Paragraphs in the National Guard divided regionally army
Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed the presence of some of the paragraphs in the draft National Guard Law which stipulates the division of the Iraqi army, noting that the law will not begin until after the stability of the security situation in Alarac.oukalt Committee member Hilali smile, "The draft of the National Guard Law is still the focus of dispute between the political blocs, because there are some paragraphs which provides the army split regionally, "indicating that" the law is still within the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary experiencing Unlike sharply on it.
"She said Hilali that" the law will not proceed at this time only after the stability of the security situation in Iraq.
"And on the general amnesty law Hilali made ​​it clear that" the Legal Committee in its discussions going on around him and will pass the House of Representatives after the agreement on all points and observations, "pointing out that" the current legislative term will see the adoption of the controversial laws. "

Should be included detainees Sadrists general amnesty
Liberal MP called parliamentary bloc Messenger Tai government to release the detainees of the Sadrist movement of resisted and fought the US occupation and Mkavathm.odaa MP Messenger Tai relevant committees in the House of Representatives to the amendment of the amnesty law and the exclusion of belonging to the organization of al Qaeda and the terrorist gangs Daash from the amnesty. He said the Liberal bloc member that "the general amnesty law should not include the blood on their hands the blood of the innocent people of Iraq," stressing "the need to include resistance fighters amnesty and released and their remuneration and compensation of the material and moral damage caused to them by the US occupation and previous government" .oroy Tai "Many of the detainees have been subjected to the Sadrist movement torture suits and malicious fabrications confidential informant and the only fault to defend the land of the holy sites and resistance to the American occupation."

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