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Samurai: reforms Abadi did not exceed "austerity" and the distance a large real reform special

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Samurai: reforms Abadi did not exceed "austerity" and the distance a large real reform special


The Secretary-General Iraqi Islamic Party, Iyad al-Samarrai, said on Saturday that the reform plan put forward by al-Abadi did not exceed to now what we call the plan "austerity", and the distance large between him and the real reform, noting that when he put the prime minister his project to repair and Aafqath the majority of the political blocs and concerned by hopes of the Iraqi masses.

Samarrai said in an article published, "Light News" received a copy of it, it was "varies people in how to handle when facing crucial issues, some despot in his opinion does not consult, and Schauer it is not at the origin of orientation, but in the ways of its implementation, while others consult in order to raise lintel, or who agree with his opinion, just as some people consult of not telling him not to. "
He added that "all of this does not lead often to the right decision, but the right decision achieved when the advice lead to a partnership in the decision," adding that "when asking the prime minister his project to repair and Aafqath the majority of the political blocs and concerned by the hopes of the Iraqi masses and announced its support to him, That was a strong motivation to move to the implementation of this title. "
"And today there is a complaint from the political blocs that the Prime Minister himself inventory in a narrow circle of advisers and away from dealing with the political blocs, which represents the people interested to come reforms in the service of the people, so they want to be part of the decision-making and that does not take away them this right under the pretext of the mandate given to the Prime Minister. "
And between the Samurai "One may say that there are points of working to thwart al-Abadi and drop it, and we all know who is this party and it returned a secret, but the problem is that the complaint beyond those wishing failure to Ebadi to those who want to succeed, but they do not see the indicators no idea what is the step Next they are dissatisfied with the step that preceded the lack of importance of what caused the problems. "
He explained that "it was expected that people applauding steps the Prime Minister's reform, but the demonstrations graduated today arguing on the steps and continue to protest against what has been achieved and there is no indication that it will be achieved, and that is understandable because unusual peoples to criticism and quickly forgotten earlier gains in the midst of claim gains Therefore, the new criticism is always higher than the praise and the Prime Minister to bear it. "
He stressed that "The prime minister needs to be his partners in the reform plan, who are the partners?, And the voices of criticism louder, and unclear how dealt with and he does not hide his confusion and the inability to provide real solutions," pointing out that "the reform plan put forward did not exceed the Now what we call the austerity plan,. The real reform that does not look forward to him the distance between us and him still great. "
And went on "to all this, we turn to the prime minister by saying that the issue of reform is not the case solely for unique, it is a case of everyone and everyone wants to participate and that he has an opinion, and we fear when going through six months without real results that exploits competitors for Ebadi this failure and carry it responsibility to the Iraqis lose a golden opportunity came and we fear that will not be repeated. "

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