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Eight refugees in Europe have the same passport

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Eight refugees in Europe have the same passport


BAGHDAD / Sky Press: When found a Syrian passport near one of the suicide bombers Paris court criticized the policy of the European Union, which opened the doors of asylum before fleeing from the scourge of war under the pretext of causing tolerance in subduction elements of "terrorist" between regiments refugees.
And immediately rushed receiving countries for refugees authorities to search their records for Ahmed Al-Mohammad Syrian Idlib province of the passport holder, it was a surprise waiting for everyone, as it found that the copies of the origin of the passport itself travel used by eight immigrants to cross into the European continent dish, according to the report published by the Daily Mail newspaper British.
The suicide bomber who found the passport with him in the Paris court has logged Europe in the Greek island of Leros about a month ago using a fake passport on behalf of Ahmed Al-Mohammad (25 years).
Then the Serbian police have arrested a man carrying a passport identical to that found in France on Friday with the same name and date and place of birth, but the only difference was in the picture.
Serbian police also revealed that six other men who had entered this year, the European Union similar to the copy of the passport.
The problem of counterfeit passports
Europe is now facing the problem of counterfeit passports, which are manufactured by hand in the Middle East to mislead the authorities and fooling them to believe that the passport asylum seeker holder, while the passport holder - or rather bearers - may be a terrorist penetrated him to the countries of the Schengen area, which does not require the presentation of a passport when navigating within its borders.
Fears of open border policy
The incident renewed fears of open southern border of the European Union's policy in front of cases of humanitarian asylum, which benefited 670 thousand refugees arrived in Greece this year.
British head of the Special Committee for Internal Affairs, "Keith Vaz," stressed the need to provide equipment and expertise to the countries of the southern borders of Europe to debunk the leaves and prevent the entry of terrorists in order to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of the European Union.
The European agency Frontex Frontex border guard said it does not have the necessary equipment to check identification papers provided by arrivals to the coasts of Greece, which health.
Despite pledges to intensify the presence of Frontex elements on the islands, but the Union Agency not only less than half of the necessary manpower to operate granted.
The imprint suicide bomber who blew himself up outside the National Stadium in France has matched the fingerprint people through Greece in October / last October and then to the Serbian Macedonian border, where the same point at which the Serbian authorities had found on Saturday on a second passport holder.
But the French investigation team believes that the supporting documents that were found on one of the three suicide bombers who died off the field mainly due to the ownership of a soldier in the pro-regime had been killed several months before the Syrian army as reported by Agence France-Presse.
And the passport holder Ahmed Al-Mohammad was born September 10 / September 1990 from the Syrian city of Idlib. The authorities say the passport either plagiarized or fabricated using real personal information.
This comes at a time when the trade papers in the Middle East has become popular these days; they find you fake passports and identity cards and birth certificates for $ 250 only.
In September / September enable British journalist named Nick Fage to get a passport used by fighters Daash to mislead the European authorities and to enter as a refugee, and that for $ 1980, and the journalists from "The Guardian" British in Iraqi Kurdistan offered him this week passport Syrians Mazivan travel from by smugglers separate the two groups.

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