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Congress: the law of land justice to sort the citizen and the state

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Congress: the law of land justice to sort the citizen and the state


11/19/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab
stressed MPs and officials are concerned, the importance of passing a law sort of land and orchards, stressing that it was important laws that will address the problem of housing and prevent abuses random, as he preserves the privacy of agricultural land and the design basis for the city Bgdad.otdarst Services Committee and reconstruction parliamentary meeting, the middle of this week, project secretion of land and orchards law within the design basis for the Bgdad.onaakec meeting, which was attended by Director General of Urban Planning and Director General of the municipalities and the Director General of Municipalities and director of the Agricultural Land Department for the ministries of agriculture and construction, and representatives of the Committee on Agriculture representative, paragraphs secretion Law land and orchards within the design basis for the city of Baghdad and municipalities where the Commission decided to complete the discussion of the draft law with the legal and financial committees and agriculture. organizing housing, said committee member services and reconstruction Amal al-Bayati, in a statement to {morning}: that of residential land located Law within the design basis for the city of Baghdad helps organizing housing, agricultural land and orchards and help to modify the design basis for the city. She said «the last periods of the age of the city of Baghdad failed to which the Municipality of Baghdad and the Ministry of Municipalities for the expansion of the design basis of the city and thus failed to provide the special populated residential units and dismantling of the housing crisis». And it showed al-Bayati said «the main reason for the inability of the Municipality of Baghdad and the Ministry of Municipalities is a lack of sufficient appropriations to extinguish Altsrvih for land rights», pointing out «the presence of other problems such as building complexes exceeded the design basis for the city of Baghdad and the failure to take design measures by professionals in this subject are missed the opportunity to build Baghdad on the basis of modern design », noting the importance of that prescribed for the private law norepinephrine land and orchards located within the city of Baghdad to resolve the problem. and alerted the deputy to the importance of regular meetings waged Services Committee with the general managers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Urban Planning to discuss in order to Aahad an objective view a comprehensive and come up with enough to produce law solutions to loose housing crisis and keeps the design basis for the city of Baghdad. unification of land class and said al-Bayati said the law treats extinguish rights Altsrvih citizens without collect their cash, but allocated to the owner of part of the land, and take the remainder after the unification of all classes of farmland for design The foundation and converted to land the King of exchange such as those to which it applies the law. She noted that the conversion of the land will be exclusively the property of purely state that compensates the owner at the rates prescribed by law provided that matching the design of the residential foundation for the municipality according to Altsrvih her ​​rights to compensate the owner and the acquisition of the private part it is then distributed among nationals, indicating that a citizen's right to challenge the law within a period of thirty days. She drew the Member Services Committee and reconstruction that the law will deal with the housing problem will not state it costs large sums of money, as he will go a random excesses on agricultural land and the design basis for the city process Baghdad until the date of enactment of the law, saying it would be insufficient to implement the design basis, according to what is intended by the Urban Planning. impediments to the adoption of the law and showed al-Bayati said the problems which then stops the law is «who represents this law? It identifies land? », Pointing out that« under the law sets a committee formed by the Minister of Municipalities and citizens' right to challenge the decisions of the Commission within thirty days before the court of first instance and within the geographic reach of the citizen », pointing out that the law pointed out that the decisions of the committee are final and is is not commensurate with the Iraqi judiciary so it does not need to be re-wording of the paragraph. For his part, the director of public municipalities Ali Hussein Abdul Amir, the law sort of land of important laws that will maintain the design basis for the city of Baghdad, as well as the preservation of agricultural land for the city from abuses that could occur. He said Abdul Amir in a statement »Sabah», said the decision to sort of land and orchards comes to ensure citizens' access to their rights within the design basis for the city of Baghdad and the lifting of restrictions on the ambiguities in the law, the separation between the rights of citizens and the rights of the state. the rights of the citizen and the state and between Abdul Ameer said the law distinguishes between the right of the state and the citizen, saying that this law is one of the most important civil rights guarantee outlets and the state and not to encroach upon the rights of the state. He added that the offer law for trading is a good step to work on the production of law that protects the city and its citizens, noting that paragraph the only ones that stand in the pay law for the second reading is the paragraph court of first instance, because there is a difference over its decision that it was «prohibited» or not, pointing out that it was agreed to form a committee in order to avoid these things. disengagement in turn, stressed the Chairman of the clans parliamentary Abboud Issawi, the importance of this law, stressing that it preserves the rights of the citizen and the state, believing it «a positive step forward in achieving the future stability of the population policy and identify areas that could be invested in the construction of housing complexes.» Issawi, said in a statement to «morning»: The « to maintain the shape of the city and urban planning her of the most important things that must be maintained by the Municipality of Baghdad and the Ministry of Municipalities », stressing the importance of law at this stage. The MP pointed to the need for the law was passed quickly because it represents a shift in the disengagement and the organization of citizens and the state's rights point.

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