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Abadi feasibility of reforms and economic dilemma in Iraq

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Abadi feasibility of reforms and economic dilemma in Iraq

Thursday 11.19.2015 0:04

/ Follow-up / Baghdad news
of the Iraq war and occupation did not produce in 2003, under the pretext of bringing democracy and the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, for any tangible positive results even after twelve years later. This not only due to the lack of good American project in Iraq's intentions, but that so many of the Iraqis who came with the occupation and supported him from the politicians, intellectuals and the owners of a former financial influence did not have a national project to build a new political and economic situation, but the hum how to share the spoils and positions compensate them according to their opinion about the denial of it during their time abroad. When the occupation authority took the initiative to put the constitution to create a new political system, it introduced the principle of quotas between sects and ethnic groups in exchange for cancellation of the Iraqi identity. Political parties which were represented by successive governments or any professional familiar with the political and economic management has shown. Indeed, the more problems that has plagued Iraq resulted from political management style based on quotas and sectarian system. Political corrupt and regulations can not apply the successful economic policies, but directed economy for their own interests. This is what happened. After a deliberate neglect of economic productive sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, successive governments have focused their efforts on investment in the oil sector to extract more easy and fast to supplement the annual budget resources. And it created a lot of jobs and the high was adopted him of salaries and allowances on these jobs to just privileges. And under the pretext of the deteriorating security situation, which resulted from reasons, including the promotion of sectarianism and marginalization of some segments of Iraqi society, it was hired an army of protections for each owner as a senior political and personal numbering in some cases to 900 turnoff per person receive salaries and allowances burdened budgets successive. and increased employment in government departments on a sectarian matter foundations, leading to sagging public sector and the high number of employees to more than four million without the presence of a real need for this number that increases than in countries that have a population of more of Iraq's population. According to parliamentary investigations successive governments have wasted nearly a trillion dollars During the ten years 2004 - 2014, including 800 billion of oil resources and 200 billion grants and aid. And began the Iraqi budget in 2005, after the establishment of the elected the first government, $ 30 billion, rising thereafter in the form of frequent high oil resources and jump to 150 billion in 2014, five times what began during the nine years without showing her any impact on infrastructure infrastructure or reconstruction or reducing the number of poor people. Most of the paragraphs of the budget of salaries, wages and allowances and pensions formed under the pension system that guarantees for senior state employees pensions high. And cause a lack of accountability and oversight in the waste of a systematic public funds operations through the delay in the implementation of covered by the budget of investment projects as a result of the sharing of the amounts allocated between officials and companies biding. In addition to the oil sector, focused on successive administrations and other emerging sectors are private and foreign trade sector banking sector, as it was established 40 commercial and Islamic banks is not a lot known about the practice, and is associated with some influential political figures as heads of blocs or parties. And open the Iraqi market wide open for import unregulated and subject to the specifications and the entry of the political forces which, import activities have become a way of smuggling money abroad through private banks. One of the members of the House of Representatives stated that, in a visit to the General Administration of Customs, stunned by the volume of cases of corruption and fraud that get through funds from private banks to convert under the buy goods title operations. It was not trouble the Iraqi economy it a secret, but successive governments have been covering up the oil revenues of large and permanent quest to increase, but the sharp decline in oil prices from mid-2014, and the fall of Mosul, Anbar, and takeover regulation Daash to almost one-third of the area of Iraq, and the high military spending compared to the budget deficit to meet the increase in expenditures, it revealed visible disastrous impasse Iraq, especially after I broke the popular demonstrations barrier of fear and began denouncing openly of corruption and require the State to provide services. is out Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi package of measures designed to reform the political and economic situation mangled, including the abolition of the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister and the reduced number Hamayatem to ease the financial crisis experienced by the government. According to parliamentary sources, the government is forced to borrow money in the form of a monthly unannounced to pay the salaries of employees and retirees. In spite of the support he earned Abadi procedures at various levels and authentication fast by the House of Representatives, it does not count observers of the Iraq war at home and abroad frequently it because of the size of the rampant corruption and the continuation of a constitution based on sectarian quotas and the judicial system is politicized easy to previous governments, many of the illegal practices. Therefore, it must be radical reforms include authoring a government of technocrats you write a new constitution in line and build a modern civil state and pave the way for the secular parties and the new parliamentary elections. The economic reforms, which lies in the priority needs of the country at the present time it is supposed to be adopted in a war economy management framework and not a peace economy as it is currently based.

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