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Gas Azerbaijan and the challenges of European Marketing

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Gas Azerbaijan and the challenges of European Marketing


11/18/2015 0:00

Emily Cady translation - Baha Salman
There are no areas had to «Ed Chu» to travel away from his office in Washington, DC, more than the State of Azerbaijan, the former Soviet Union. Indeed, Fasamtha old walls Baku, with spacious stretches of flat completely away from all axes commercial, as well as the absence of road leading to Sea World, make one feel as if the ends of the Earth.
However, Zhou has become despite the dimension traveling regularly to Azerbaijan, categorically fifteen trip Air hour dozens of times for the same reason that drives many foreign businessmen and senior politicians to ride, a huge amounts of energy sources. Says Chu, executive director of the company «Chevron» specialized energy affairs: «represented Azerbaijan backbone of the oil and gas industry of the Soviet very long time». Hindrance transport but Azerbaijan has a problem of rapidly escalating pace hinder communication with the thirst of Europe for its gas, with the lack of sea linking the continent The old, or any clear transfer of Options on the horizon, can not be the country's export of gas easily, and the screws further on the country, which is home to nine million people, is the prosecution of Russian President Putin, who has threatened a polite way to construct a competitor transmits Russian gas pipeline, to launch one of the most competitive races, that were not top the cost, to build the tanker pipeline across two continents. began the game of politics and international energy this with a series of gas pipeline being constructed and funded by the British Petraleom company in partnership with the global energy giants. In total, the eight billion dollars spent just to develop the first phase of the project, and suggests the British company sources, the need to save about $ 28 billion to produce and transport the gas to the Georgian-Turkish border in the coming stages. Maneuvering or reality? If all goes as planned, the Gas from «Shah Deniz» field, a field in the depth of the water contains more than one trillion cubic meters of gas reserves, will flow to Greece, Albania and Italy by 2019. But several months ago, during the announcement of the abandonment of a rival pipeline, Moscow also disclosed its intention Study alternative to transport gas to southern Europe via Turkey Project, with discounted Ankara prices Offers, and this represented bad news at all, Azerbaijan did not want to hear. Analysts economists to the possibility of stimulating cheap Russian gas to Turkey to slow or even stop the construction of the Azeri-line rival. So far, however, Putin's remarks appear to be «maneuver to deceive the opponent rather than a real project», says Zhou, but «this does not mean the possibility of turning the idea into a real project». Interest Policy knows the few that Azerbaijan has a long history as one of the oldest Oil producers in the world, the first oil field in the world was drilled there in 1846, also carried out the first floating field in 1951 and arrived in the country's production per day to nearly one million barrels on average. The attraction of Azerbaijan's cooperation with the West in the war against Afghanistan, a crowd of bold names The mission to Baku, the work of Tony Blair to rally support for the country and line tubes, despite the bad record of human rights. In 1994, he discovered the British Petraleom Shah Deniz gas field, the largest discovery of the British giant since the sixties of the last century of the Gulf of Prudhoe in Alaska. However, the westward gas transportation to Europe beset difficulties, and moving only the line north to Russia, which represents barely be ideal for a country seeking to get rid of the influence of the former Soviet ruler. Economy yield for Azerbaijan, the need for gas exports is very urgent to secure its economy, which led energy sources with the start of oil production decline and the low price of a barrel globally, and Europe represent real export market in terms of gas, according to Zhou. Seeks Europe, of course, to secure other sources of gas independently of Russia, a goal that has become more urgent after the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis at the beginning of last year. The political implications of pipelines more important, when it is completed, the pipeline will transfer about 16 billion cubic meters of gas annually, and this does not represent a significant amount compared to the B160 billion cubic meters pumped by Russia through Ukraine, Belarus and Germany, but the political mind of the pipeline is very important, since Russia, but for many years, has entered into talks with the European Union for the construction of a pipeline parallel exhibits the same way, As prepared by analysts aims to compete with «the Southern Gas Corridor» Azerbaijan that you want to use it and benefit from it. However it seeks to resolve the matters, Azerbaijan will need to deal gently with the big neighbor to the north. Chu says: «does not want Azerbaijanis threat importantly their borders, by whatever means,». Site Ozzy mail

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