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Starting the first flight from Baghdad Airport to Washington

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Starting the first flight from Baghdad Airport to Washington


11/17/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Batool al-Hassani
run Iraqi Airways early next year its first flight air direct from Baghdad airport toward Washington, as well as Belarus and Tunisia, as they prepare to receive the new aircraft later this month.
The company manager Osama al-Sadr said in a statement »Sabah»: The company is preparing to open the lines of the Baghdad airport towards the US capital Washington, in addition to the states of Belarus and Tunisia, noting that the preparations mentioned has after the end of the discussion and the discussions with the departments of Airports those countries that have expressed willingness to fly stage and on a schedule will be prepared later this.
He said that his company has prepared a plan to expand its map Air to include all the Arab Maghreb countries, especially Algeria to restore air traffic with those countries and activating, along with tourism and trade with them, noting that his company policy centered in the activation of the air traffic towards various world capitals, especially after it introduced new lines, similar pace (Baghdad - Baku), and (Basra - Moscow).
He drew the chest that Transport Minister Bayan Jabr instructed should pay Airlines great importance through the modernization of its fleet and providing it modern aircraft to enable the opening of the new international lines emanating from all airports operating in the country, declaring that the next month will see the receipt new aircraft within the contract with the (Boeing), the US.
and disclosed the arrival of the number of aircraft in the fleet of his company to 32 and all of the new generations and the finest manufacturers of aircraft in the world, similar to the two companies Boeing and Airbus.
He noted the efforts of his company to set up (air cargo village) which specialized international company to be implemented as will contribute to the development of work in the air cargo process, as well as plans for the construction of the new buildings and sufficient to store the charged material of different airlines in most countries of the world.
And that was already choosing a construction site (the village) by the Ministry of Transport and the power of aviation Civil and with the consent of the global company executing the project said, stressing that he will soon be working on the project and local angels, pointing out that the project is of great importance for his company being will provide yards and warehouses and coolers of various sizes for storing various goods and materials shipped by air.
The Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi may lose Department aircraft catering at Baghdad International Airport, and briefed on the measures taken to improve the quality of food provided to aircraft by Iraqi Airways, which has seen a quantum leap in terms of quality and excellent service.
As al-Zubaidi lose the corridors of the airport and the runway was elevated one Iraqi aircraft flying to Arbil to check on the passengers.
He also visited the free market in the lounge of Nineveh, as some travelers met, including members of the House of Representatives briefed on the ground on the services provided to them and heard them about the nature of the services and obstacles to provide this service to them.
and examined by representatives of the General Establishment of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport with two contentious security Bratanitin to ensure the protection Baghdad International Airport, according to a media source in the enterprise in a statement »Sabah».

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